Monday, June 18, 2012

Hitting the wall, 3 weeks later

3 weeks since the Marathon, and today I feel it.  Today I am hitting wall. I could feel it looming on the weekend.  Saturday I was going to do a spin class and decided to take the day off, yes I do take those LOL.  Instead I went for a little bike ride with the kids, it felt good just to get out on a beautiful day, enjoy some time with the kids, and yet not exert myself.  Sunday, I had plans to go for a long run on the hilly cottage roads and do a TRX workout (eeeeee I got a TRX!).  Once at the cottage enjoying the relaxed atmosphere any and all desire to go for a long run disappeared.  Instead I went for a 6km fast paced walk, pushing up the hills with my friend Laurie.  I even squeezed in a 20 min TRX workout.  Not to shabby for a Sunday at a cottage.  I have taken one day off a week, and other then that have been pushing myself hard.  Not running much, taking a break from that till half marathon training starts again in July.  But pushing hard in other activities.  But today...I have nothing in me.  I got up at 5am this am, unable to sleep.  I had an appointment training one of my favorite clients at 7:15am.  My plan was to workout as per usual after.  I didn't.  I told myself it was because the kids were "off and tired" and I didn't want to drag them to the gym.  But truthfully, I was off and tired.  Instead I cleaned the house, and got it back in order.  I felt good.  I thought I will go for a run tonight.  The kids and I headed out to Costco and by the time we were home I felt like I was running on fumes.  I have been playing the DO I or DON'T I game for an hour.  DO I workout tonight? or Don't I?

I have such a hard time with taking it "easy" and "resting" exercise is my security blanket and I get anxious when I don't have my "fix".  Funny thing is I have been letting go and finding balance of late.  I have lost the few pounds gained after the marathon, just by returning to normal habits (ie. not going on a 32km eat a thon LOL).  I have stopped getting on the scale everyday, and have been weighing myself weekly.  I have taken another break from My Fitness Pal and counting calories, and am trying to focus rather on eating whole foods, more healthy fats, and eating when hungry and stopping when full. I feel good, I feel happy, and balanced.  So today I think I need to carry that lesson on to my workout, and take the BLOODY DAY OFF.

The trainer in me knows its the right thing to do, that I will preform better later this week because of it.  So would someone please tell the fat girl in my head the same thing!  Shaking my head at myself, putting my feet up, and going to finish that last 50 Shades Book!


  1. If you consider working out as an integral part of your lifestyle as well as your job then you get to take days off; our bodies, and minds, need to rest and process everything we experience. You can't always do that with running shoes on your feet!!

    1. So the end yesterday I think it was my mind that needed a break not my body..ended up setting my mind free on a childlike bike ride...had a blast..felt free and happy...I think if I statyed home I would have gotten sucked into the kids whine fest and been a grump bum..instead I came home happy..took them to the park and we all fell asleep like logs...even slept in this am...I feel like a new woman :)