Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Balls to the Walls

Surfing Pinterest last night I got lost in a blog called Blonde Ponytail, which is funny given my dislike of the "ponytail club".  At first I was totally taken by her collection of smoothies and then I found this Medicine Ball Workout.
I've really enjoyed reading other people's workouts and getting ideas so I thought I would start sharing what I do at the gym every once in awhile.  


Speed work on the dreadmill, today's goal was to hold a faster pace over a longer interval to help with overall speed.  

5km Speed Workout: incline set to 1%
3min warm up- 5.7 mph
4 min 8 mph
2 min 4.2 mph
4 min 8 mph
2 min 4.2 mph
4 min 8 mph
2 min 4.2 mph 
4min 8 mph
1 min 4.2 mph
finish out 5km at 6mph 

total time: 28min15 sec ish

**This was a form of HITT training, I was sweating like crazy way more then I usually do on the treadmill.  My hair was even wet!  You can play with the speeds and find what works for you, but the idea was 4 min work intervals, with 2 min of recovery (key to recover! HR comes back down).  

Then I did Blond Ponytail's MB workout.  It was killer! I could really feel it in the shoulders.  I modified the push ups to my knees, so I could push through all 50 reps.  I loved the rhythm of the ball rolling back and forth.  I messed up the lunges and added 50 static MB overall head lunges to the circuit..oops...but what's an extra 50? LOL.  I also modified the MB burpees, I was afraid to plank out holding the ball so I placed it down, hands on the floor beside the ball and planked then picked it up and did the burpee with it.  

I loved today's workout, ful of adrenaline and power.  Now enjoying a massive salad, with avocado, turkey, salsa, and sprouted corn tortillas...YUMMY!

Have a great day! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Workout Plan for the Week

So Half and Full Marathon Training don't start till July and in the meantime I am struggling with the "what do I do today mentality".  At first I really enjoyed the freedom of not having a set schedule to follow and being able to play around a bit with things like taking a spin class.  I have been enjoying Jillian Michael's 30 day Melt Down Program (mixing it up and making it own) and last week using the suspension trainer.  So I have made a plan for my last week of freedom, because well I like having a plan.

Monday: 1 hour strength/burn circuit (2 rounds of JM front and legs), 10 min of TRX core

Tuesday: Hills or speed work on the treadmill and TRX core

Wednesday:  Park TRX (full body) and Kettle bell workout with my friend Jay

Thursday: 8-10km run and TRX core

Friday: 1 hour Strength/Burn Circuit (JM back and legs)

Saturday: long run (16km)

Sunday: rest or active rest

That's 3 runs, and 3 Strength Training Sessions...I like that :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

On The Cusp

Oh my Good Lord, I have gone and done it! I have officially registered to run the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October.  Every since completing a life long goal, at the end of May, I have been chasing that high again.  I miss having a GIANT ARSE goal to look forward to, and make my tummy flip flop back and forth.  After hitting the submit button this am (ps. I open and closed that link a hundred times over the last week), my hands were shaking and I felt weak in the knees.  Call me crazy but that feeling, I love it, I love knowing that there is something that can make me feel like that and at the same time once out there running make me feel so complete and happy.

My friend Tracey posted a link to an article on running last week and in it they describe different categories of Marathon runners.  Those completing it between 4-5 hours were considered on the CUSP runners.  I'm 17 min and bit on the CUSP...of being a "natural".  The Toronto Waterfront marathon is described as a fast downhill course...any chance I might make it out of the cusp?  One can dream right? After all, it was dreaming that got me here.  So no matter what the out come, I am going in full heart, to do what I love. RUN! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

New Lulu, New Toys, and Gunning for a New Time

Sporting the Lulu top my sister picked up for me :)  
Last week I sported a cute workout outfit (new clothes make me happy) and hit the park to use my new suspension trainer with a friend.  I picked up a suspension trainer (think TRX, but mine isn't branded) at the National Fit Day last weekend.  I had been online watching videos on the TRX like crazy and took it to the park with my friend Jenn on Tuesday to workout.  We worked out for just over an hour and I swear I have no idea where the time went.  It was challenging and fun and oh my a sweat fest in the heat.  Thursday I met my friend Erin at the park to do the same thing (while the kids played in the splash pad, could it get anymore perfect), only this time I got the treat of being trained.  Erin's a personal trainer and has her TRX certification so I learned some great tricks!  It was such a treat to have someone else leading the way through a workout, and counting! We plan on making it a regular summer date.  I took the suspension trainer to my parent's this weekend too, and took both my sisters through a workout.  It was so cool to hang it from a tree by the water and get a workout in, surrounded by trees and water.  I can't get over how much this thing works your core.  CX WORX...you have nothing on this new toy!  My abs hurt all week when ever I laughed or coughed.  

I found this video on you tube, and it just amazes me that someone could do this! The strength it would take!  Talk about inspiration! 

So new Lulu, New Toy....and?  Well this was my first week back into running, I got three runs in.  This weekend I did a 15km run here at my parents.  It was challenging because I had a lot of "FUN" the night before and I didn't exactly wake up feeling my normal get up and go self.  The road here is really hilly and there was one hill in particular that is very steep and long.  Its been a while since I have run the long route out here and when I hit the first challenging hill I thought it was "Big Bertha." I got up ok and thought wow I must be in better shape then I thought.  UMMM WORNG...that was the warm up hill!  Oh my goodness Big Bertha did not disappoint.  But here's the thing, despite waking up feeling less then "awesome" and the crazy hills, I loved it out there.  The forrest, the lake, the smell of the country air.  It felt so good to be off my usual running route.  I love running.  I really do.  I feel "100% me" when I run if that makes any sense.  When I run I like to run out to the mid way point and turn around and come home.  I hit that turn around, and I say "HOME" and I am filled with a surge of something and I gun it home.  I love that feeling.  HOME.  Only yesterday I miscalculated the run around and arrived "home" and still had a mile to go...BUMMER...but I did it (even headed into the forrest trail across the road and hit some steep hills).  It feels so very good to be back in my running shoes and will start training for the Army Run in July. I gunning for a new half time.  This Spring I had an unofficial time of 1:56:24.

I would like to beat that, even if by a sec!  Last year my Army Run time was 2:11:something :)  It feels good to have a race to look forward too.  In fact I have a lot to look forward too this summer.  In July we will be doing City Chase again with our good friends Rob and Laura.  The class at Saunders Farm is well under way and we have a great group of people coming out to sweat and play.  It's going to be a very fun active summer, and I am loving that!  

What are your fun sweaty plans for the summer?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Me again...I chose to listen to my inner child

So I ended up listening to my inner child, and went for a bike ride.  I decided if I stayed in I would feel guilty, and tired, and grumpy as I was losing patience with the whine show the kids were putting on.  I knew a run or the gym wasn't the answer. But a BIKE RIDE...that caught my fancy.  It was different, and fun..and fast.  I loved every minute of it.  I loved the feeling of speed whipping through the trail and the feel of being in the forest.  22km! and it felt like I was out for 20 min.  Now I feel energized and myself again.  I think I found that balance again :)

Hitting the wall, 3 weeks later

3 weeks since the Marathon, and today I feel it.  Today I am hitting wall. I could feel it looming on the weekend.  Saturday I was going to do a spin class and decided to take the day off, yes I do take those LOL.  Instead I went for a little bike ride with the kids, it felt good just to get out on a beautiful day, enjoy some time with the kids, and yet not exert myself.  Sunday, I had plans to go for a long run on the hilly cottage roads and do a TRX workout (eeeeee I got a TRX!).  Once at the cottage enjoying the relaxed atmosphere any and all desire to go for a long run disappeared.  Instead I went for a 6km fast paced walk, pushing up the hills with my friend Laurie.  I even squeezed in a 20 min TRX workout.  Not to shabby for a Sunday at a cottage.  I have taken one day off a week, and other then that have been pushing myself hard.  Not running much, taking a break from that till half marathon training starts again in July.  But pushing hard in other activities.  But today...I have nothing in me.  I got up at 5am this am, unable to sleep.  I had an appointment training one of my favorite clients at 7:15am.  My plan was to workout as per usual after.  I didn't.  I told myself it was because the kids were "off and tired" and I didn't want to drag them to the gym.  But truthfully, I was off and tired.  Instead I cleaned the house, and got it back in order.  I felt good.  I thought I will go for a run tonight.  The kids and I headed out to Costco and by the time we were home I felt like I was running on fumes.  I have been playing the DO I or DON'T I game for an hour.  DO I workout tonight? or Don't I?

I have such a hard time with taking it "easy" and "resting" exercise is my security blanket and I get anxious when I don't have my "fix".  Funny thing is I have been letting go and finding balance of late.  I have lost the few pounds gained after the marathon, just by returning to normal habits (ie. not going on a 32km eat a thon LOL).  I have stopped getting on the scale everyday, and have been weighing myself weekly.  I have taken another break from My Fitness Pal and counting calories, and am trying to focus rather on eating whole foods, more healthy fats, and eating when hungry and stopping when full. I feel good, I feel happy, and balanced.  So today I think I need to carry that lesson on to my workout, and take the BLOODY DAY OFF.

The trainer in me knows its the right thing to do, that I will preform better later this week because of it.  So would someone please tell the fat girl in my head the same thing!  Shaking my head at myself, putting my feet up, and going to finish that last 50 Shades Book!