Monday, May 21, 2012

Holy Crap 6 days till Marathon

Saturday Night Dinner Club before it got Messy :)
Holy Crap 6 days till I run a Marathon and I am a bundle of nerves.  I had a crazy sleep last night where I kept waking up thinking the race was this morning and I would wake in a panic.  Got to love anxiety dreams! LOL.  I had a rough day yesterday mostly due to a really FUN NIGHT SAT, that included way to much wine and laughter with my friends.  I woke up Sunday feeling well let's say less then "awesome" but a trip out for breakfast and I swear I was feeling my usual piss and vinegar self again.  The family and I headed out to the Splash Pad and spent 2 hours out in the sun lounging (that's what I do at the splash pad wink wink). We came home took a small break from the sun and were back out for some slip and slide fun in the backyard.  That thing is ENTERTAINING I tell you!  I tried to show the kids how its done, and failed miserably with a belly flop that landed me stuck and not moving on the so called "SLIP and SLIDE".  After my fail we came in to unwind in the air conditioning and that's when my day went downhill.  I don't know if it was the activities from the night before catching up with me, or the sun (most likely both) but I soon became a nauseous dizzy and uber tired Mommy.  I pretty much laid in bed the rest of the late afternoon reading and went to bed when the kids did.  I am far too old for this :)

Funny thing is I felt like that Friday too only this time I couldn't blame it on the wine and sun.  I got up went for a run, had a GREAT one and ran a PR for the 5km and then jogged another 3km.  I came home high on endorphins but by noon was going downhill fast.  I was nauseous and tired.  Luckily, Ryan had the day off and I indulged in a nap and spent the afternoon reading and was in bed with the kids at 7:30!  The only thing that has made me feel good is eating carbs!  I am practically on an oatmeal, and PB, Honey, and Bannana Sandwich diet LOL.  I've never run a marathon before so I don't know what's normal, but I feel like my body right now is really sensitive and Fri I emptied my tank on that run.  Sunday well that's pretty obvious a night of wine and a day of sun caught up with me.  But I do think I need to fuel up those glycogen stores this week with good complex carbohydrates.  I need to stick to "light" workouts this week.  I plan on two short runs 5-6km, some yoga, maybe a light pump class.  No crazy Katie workouts this week! I hope to get those two short runs in during the heat of the day to acclimatize myself a bit to running in hotter temps in case its hot out next Sunday.  

This coming week will be about rest and nourishing myself getting ready for the BIG DAY SUNDAY....HOLY CRAP I AM REALLY GOING TO RUN A FREAKING MARATHON!!!
Friday's 5km PR...24min 8sec!!!

PS.  if your interested I did a post on the Losing it in Ottawa Blog recently guessed it running a marathon...blah blah blah I know...just think 6 more days till I get to change topic :) LOL


  1. Can't believe it's almost here! I can't wait to read allllllll about it and watch you celebrate this personal milestone and victory! Go get'em Katie Kathleen!!!!!