Friday, April 6, 2012

Why I need a ponytail

While out on my run today, I was passed by the PONYTAIL CREW.  A pair of long legged girls, dressed all in fancy black form fitting running tech gear rounded the corner in front of me. With quick strides and their ponytails swinging back and forth effortlessly they soon zoomed by me.  Not even a friendly runner's wave from them, I was left feeling like a poser in my baggy black pants, big blue running jacket, and less then desirable hair do.  

I really NEED a ponytail...

or at the very least some black compression running capris...

and I SIGN!... a sign pinned to my big ugly blue running jacket that says "I'm running 32 farking KM!" yep take that Ponytail Crew!  

-just some snarky ponderings from road today 


  1. Katie, it's easy to look good if you're not running very far. You ran for THREE AND A HALF HOURS today! That is HOT! That said, you do deserve some fancy compression capris to feel tight while youre running. Slow and steady wins the race, my dear.

  2. or maybe they are like me and thought, I have to go past that person ahead of me and then as soon as they are out eyeshot, they slow down or stop! Passing people makes me feel awesome, but I just can't sustain it!

  3. You get a ponytail and I am going to kick your ass! You get designer anything .. I am gonna kick your ass! What makes you so inspiring is that you are UNIQUE and a one in bagitrilion.

    Just sayin'!

    PS ... Love snarky katie ... she has spunk and fight! LOL

    PPS ... I'll make you that sign any days sweets ... and then kick their asses! BAHAHAHAH!

  4. When i was younger (much younger) I would downhill ski every weekend. I loved to ski and wore what was comfortable. If you saw some of the 'snow bunnies' and what they would wear, and then a picture of me - I must have looked like some red necked hobo crossed with british punk rocker! I'll try and find a picture so you can have a giggle...but in all seriousness honey - you were running and training for a marathon - not strutting the Lulu catwalk. You shouldn't feel anything less than the rockstar you are!


  5. As I haul my big pregnant a** up the stairs I feel the overwhelming urge to wear my army run half marathon shirt everywhere to prove that I did not always resemble a beached whale ;). That I started this pregnancy jaunty and skinnier and so much more fierce!!

    1. Oh Sara...go put that shirt on and wear it proudly! and your still fierce! your carrying a baby and taking care of two other littles and running your own business your are so very FIERCE!! and when it comes time to deliver that baby, remember running that Half Marathon!