Friday, April 13, 2012

Recovery Week, Balance and Playing

Messy shot of my desk last night as I "played"
Its RECOVERY WEEK!  Oh how I love recovery week!  I only have 19km to look forward to in the morning, yep when would I have thought 19km was a recovery run.  I am looking forward to it...a nice distance to reap the rewards of a long run but "short" enough to avoid the wall of pain and boredom.

I've been taking care this week, listening to my body's needs...despite having worked out 12 days in a row I have taken it "easy" this week.  My runs have been shorter and I have felt really good on them.  I have moved to lighter weights in my strength training and more reps, and will be doing this till after the race.  I have avoided things that "hurt" or seem to set me up for "knee" pain.  I didn't do any CX WORX this week because the band work seems to bother my hams and glutes when they are already taxed from everything else.  But I have killed the core good on my own and it hurts to laugh today!   I have been using my dreaded foam roller and stretching!  Today I will REST, truly rest and not go near the gym, my running shoes or kettlebells!

This week has really had a theme of "play" to it.  This past weekend I played like a big kid with my whole family, relay races and EGG FIGHTS!  I met a friend at the park this week and we swung kettlebells and sweated!  I even took a little jaunt across the monkey bars.  At the park yesterday with the kids I actually played with them (shocking I know...LOL) I also cleaned out my scrapbook area, took and printed pictures, and have gotten back into scrapbooking this week.  It feels so good to be creating and playing and telling our stories again.  So often I go to bed early pooped from a very busy day, I lay in bed surfing the net not even really engaging in my tv show.  I have trouble falling asleep, my mind busy with things I need to do.  This week I have played in my scrap area, and gone to bed blissfully tired and slept like a baby!  I feel good I tell you.  Oh so very good.  I also went to bed kissing my sleeping girls feeling full of happiness having spent the last couple hours writing our little stories on tags and gluing them into my scrapbook.  I forgot how much this hobby makes me feel grateful!

So I have a full weekend ahead, a nice run, Ryan's Birthday to celebrate with friends, and Kasey's 4th Birthday on Sunday.

Happy Weekend to all of you and here's to finding some time to play.


  1. So glad you you had fun this week! BTW, I'm totally jealous of your kettlebells in the park session - can we do one too? I need to find the fun in exercise again...

    1. OF COURSE! We should do it one evening while the kids play in the park or on a weekend afternoon :)