Monday, April 30, 2012

203km in April

Today's the last day of April, 4 weeks out from May Race weekend!  I have run my biggest month yet in April covering 203km!  CRAZY!  I had my 2nd 32km run this past Saturday, it went really well.  I think I am getting stronger, the wall of pain isn't hitting me like it did before. I definitely get aches and pains setting in after about 26km but they aren't stop and lay down pains.  I was even able to bend down and untie my own shoes this weekend!  WOOT WOOT!  Trust me this was a big thing!  I also recovered better afterwards.  I think wearing compression socks all afternoon really helped.  I was able to take the kids to the park and hobble about pushing them on the swings.

I'm still struggling with the "weight" gain part of this training.  My weight goes up and down 3-5 pounds during the week.  I even googled weight gain during marathon training Saturday and was comforted by some of the stuff I read.  I know its silly but I liked seeing that there was some "reason" some "purpose" to what my body is doing beyond me just eating more.  (note: info is taken from the links provided)

  • Are you building glycogen stores?

  • "Good for you since glycogen is the stored carbs you need to make the distance. The reason that glycogen storage could add weight is that your body automatically stores water with the glycogen. This is the reason that an Atkins-type of carb-deprivation causes fast weight loss as water loss. Atkins, with its water loss and lack of carbs, would be a total disaster for anyone training for a marathon. Glycogen storage, then, is one of many small changes that add small amount of weight, but this is the type of marathon training weight gain you should expect and accept."

  • Is the body just freaking out after a long run?

  • "It is yet to be determined how much fluid shift occurs because of inflammation and the other resulting joys of marathon training. However, this would more likely be like a short-term gain followed shortly by a return to normal weight. The best advice is to track your weight over time and look for personal trends."

  • Are you experiencing “rebound hunger”?

  • "It’s common for some runners to have little desire for eating after a long run. The first concern is skipping the ideal time for recovery nutrition . The weight-related concern is that eventually your running-related hormone changes return to normal and you are left feeling famished. You are so hungry that you make choices on impulse, often with no regard for quality or quantity of the calories. Result: a higher calorie intake than is needed. Repeat this pattern for a few weeks with the resulting marathon training weight gain."

    Ok so there may also be some more then moderate WINE consumption going on on the weekends, Dinner Club, post Dinner Club rebound hunger on Sunday (yes this is common phenomena), and general eating more going on.  But I can say that the majority (75% )of what I eat is still good WHOLE FOODS type of fuel.  Yes, I know chocolate chips are not a whole food...but they are a TINY FOOD :) LOL.  I am also doing less weight training, backing  off it to prepare for the race and weight training has been a big part of maintaining weight loss for me.  

    So all that to say, that I just need to get comfortable in my skin, do my best not to go on eating parties for one where the chocolate chips rain down like confetti, and run like the wind!

    Marathon Body Brought to you by Choc Chips and Chia Seeds!


    1. I'm glad you feel comforted by your research :) I hovered in a 5-6lb + or - with weight maintenance when even half marathon training. I think too fluid retention is normal with electrolyte solutions during long runs.

      Why are you backing off the weight training? Are you just feeling too sore with the volume of weekly mileage you are doing? I would continue with it but train for muscular endurance instead of strength, everything functional to your sport. Easy 20min circuit 2x week with squat presses, step ups, elevated reverse lunge, lateral step downs, single leg work and lateral band walks. Will help to support joints and ensure you have the hip stability to support your volume of running. Even if only for 2 more weeks. I know unsolicited advice!! @viva_lara

    2. I'm just backing off the "heavies" no more loading up the bar and squatting and lunging like a maniac :) Doing lighter weight and more reps now, like you said more endurance. Pump class is perfect :) and I love your advice Lara, keep it coming :)

    3. When I was running a lot and training for Hood to Coast I had hunger issues like crazy! I also let myself eat more as a result, which did not help the "gain weight while training" thing!

      1. I have definitely fallen into the yahoo I just burned a zillion calories I had better go eat a truck load of JUBE JUNBES :) LOL or rather not LOL :)

    4. Keep running like the wind! And eating chocolate chips ;) 32km is AMAZING

      1. I really do think the choc chips help with endurance :) wink