Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Break and Recovery week

Its March break and the kids and I have been enjoying some mini adventures, lots of crafting and baking.       We have even changed the routine up this week and instead of heading to the gym some mornings we have gotten out early to play and then gone in the evening.  I know its sounds like a simple thing, but it's made a big difference in adding to that feeling of "fun" and relaxing with the kids. Today we are heading out to sugar bush with some friends, I am hoping for some warm weather and a bit of sun...guess I should check the weather report (I never do).

Its also a recovery week, on the marathon training front.  Last week's 24km run knocked me out (physically and emotionally) and a nice online chat with a seasoned friend had me learning about these really cool things called "recovery weeks"....mmmm....guess your supposed to be doing that every 3 weeks.  You learn as you go.  So this is a light week on the running front, no hills, no speed training (all though I did cheat and ran a PR on a 5km run, it was so beautiful out and I felt so good), easier pace, shorter runs, and a shorter long slow run Saturday.  I have taken it "easy" on the strength training too this week, went lighter on all tracks in Pump class, and today am for-going weights entirely as I can not get off the potty without a crane!  (thank-you CX WORX).  I will do a yoga class to stretch out instead.  I also have another Yoga class planned for Friday am.  Its supposed to be beautiful out Saturday and I am really looking forward to a "shorter" easier long run.  I am going to use it to settle in, and find my happy place, and imagine that finish line in May.

This week has also been really exciting because I started training my first client!  I couldn't have asked for a better Mom to work with.  I had goosebumps at the end of our first session seeing how hard she pushed herself.  I love the feeling of leaving our session, inspired by someone else's hard work.  I love sitting down at my laptop the night before a session planning our training session (I dare say I love it as much as scrapbooking)   I also sorted out back up daycare in case Ryan has to go away for work, and that has lifted a huge worry weight from me.

So I am off to enjoy another day of fun with the kids, will enjoy some relaxing yoga with the hubs and my good friend Laura tonight, and feeling very content.

How's your "March Break" going....has the spring like weather helped to inspire or renew you?


  1. BIG ASS SMILE ON MY FACE READING THIS! You make me happy my dear friend! XOOX

  2. Even though I'm home with my kids all the time I've put aside work this week to focus on them and have been working in the evening. It's making me excited about summer holidays...I'm ready for a change of pace :)