Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not sure how I am feeling today...

27.36km!  I ran 27.36 km yesterday my furthest distance to date.  The first 8km felt amazing, I even literally "ran" into my friend Jenn (she's training for her first half marathon in May!) and we ran for a bit together.  That was fun and helped me knock out a bit of the run with some friendly chatter.  But once back on my own, things started to get a bit tougher.  I looped home at 15km and ran into the house for a "bathroom" and out super quick and back on the road.  I brought Gatorade (tried coconut water YUCK!) on this run, now that's it "warmer" out and I am going so much further. I also brought 3 date rolls instead of the usual one.  I finished my last date roll at 21km and really could have used more fuel.  I actually found myself feeling hungry. I ate a really good breaky before leaving but I guess when your out for almost 3 hours and burning through 2000 cals or so you need more fuel.  So I need to re think that for next week.  I am thinking of bringing some mini choc bars (inaddition to real food), mentally it would be such a treat and a reward for hitting a distance marker...a little trick to keep going, breaking the run down into rewards.  Might help, no? I definitely need a fuel strategy for all 42 km!

At about 24km I started to legs were on hamstrings were really really tight and buggering up the rest of my legs.  I wanted to stop.  So I got my phone out and called home in tears (while running I didn't stop) and I got Ryan and the girls to cheer me on.  Hearing Kayleigh and Kasey yelling GO MOMMY GO MOMMY...literally lit a fire up inside me.  I knew I was good to go and would make it home.  It was a very tough run back.  Mentally I was good the kids fixed that and I knew I could tough it out.  But physically was a whole other story.  I can run 21km no problem, but as soon as I go over that the HURT starts.  I'm not used to the hurt.  It wasn't a STOP RUNNING painful, not an injury pain, just a "HEY DUMBASS YOU HAVE BEEN RUNNING FOR 2 HOURS" hurt.  I remember when I was training for the half last year I was just starting to go over 10km, I would get a knee pain for anything over 10km.  10-12 km would hurt.  But it went away as I got stronger.  So I can only hope that that is the case here too.  

I started the run yesterday saying I would run 26-28km.  I was a block from my house when I reached 27.26km...I STOPPED!  If you know me, you know that usually I would have found some sort of gas to get to that 28km having gone over 27, and being that I wasn't even at my house yet.  I had nothing left.  I  really did have to stop.  I hobbled home.  I had Ryan untie my shoes, I couldn't bend over.  I hobbled upstairs and poured a cold and a hot bath....and I CRIED..and I cried some more.  

The baths helped a lot!  I came downstairs and made a snack (oatmeal, hemp hearts, almond milk, choc chips, honey) and I posted my run on DailyMile.  Then I was gifted with the most amazing messages of encouragement and support from my friends.  I can't tell you how much their words meant to me.  I cried some more!  My cheerleaders are a huge part of why I can do this, I truly appreciate them.  

I was pretty much useless for about 2 hours, but eventually found myself functioning again and out enjoying an evening with friends. 

All this to say that this morning...I lay in bed...thinking about this running thing and I have to admit I started to feel pretty negative.  I was envisioning next week's run and thinking of the one after (32km) and quite frankly thinking what the HELL AM I DOING?  I started to think about backing out.  I started to ask myself WHY am I doing this?  I didn't really come up with an answer and just got out of bed stiff and grumpy. 

Then I started to blog....and as I have been writing this I know why I am doing this.  I am doing this because I CAN!  I CAN DO THIS!  It hurts, its hard, it sucks...but I can do it.  I have wanted to do this for so long, if I can make this happen, I can make other dreams come true.  Like my favorite song right now "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."  I'm training for a Marathon, and I am training to climb future mountains :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Break and Recovery week

Its March break and the kids and I have been enjoying some mini adventures, lots of crafting and baking.       We have even changed the routine up this week and instead of heading to the gym some mornings we have gotten out early to play and then gone in the evening.  I know its sounds like a simple thing, but it's made a big difference in adding to that feeling of "fun" and relaxing with the kids. Today we are heading out to sugar bush with some friends, I am hoping for some warm weather and a bit of sun...guess I should check the weather report (I never do).

Its also a recovery week, on the marathon training front.  Last week's 24km run knocked me out (physically and emotionally) and a nice online chat with a seasoned friend had me learning about these really cool things called "recovery weeks"....mmmm....guess your supposed to be doing that every 3 weeks.  You learn as you go.  So this is a light week on the running front, no hills, no speed training (all though I did cheat and ran a PR on a 5km run, it was so beautiful out and I felt so good), easier pace, shorter runs, and a shorter long slow run Saturday.  I have taken it "easy" on the strength training too this week, went lighter on all tracks in Pump class, and today am for-going weights entirely as I can not get off the potty without a crane!  (thank-you CX WORX).  I will do a yoga class to stretch out instead.  I also have another Yoga class planned for Friday am.  Its supposed to be beautiful out Saturday and I am really looking forward to a "shorter" easier long run.  I am going to use it to settle in, and find my happy place, and imagine that finish line in May.

This week has also been really exciting because I started training my first client!  I couldn't have asked for a better Mom to work with.  I had goosebumps at the end of our first session seeing how hard she pushed herself.  I love the feeling of leaving our session, inspired by someone else's hard work.  I love sitting down at my laptop the night before a session planning our training session (I dare say I love it as much as scrapbooking)   I also sorted out back up daycare in case Ryan has to go away for work, and that has lifted a huge worry weight from me.

So I am off to enjoy another day of fun with the kids, will enjoy some relaxing yoga with the hubs and my good friend Laura tonight, and feeling very content.

How's your "March Break" going....has the spring like weather helped to inspire or renew you?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Focus on how far you have come....


42km seems unimaginable to run in one shot to me right now...the thought of it sends the butterflies a dancing in my tummy.  Yet, I am 12 weeks away from making a life long dream come true, running my first Marathon, during Ottawa Race Weekend.  

warning marjor braggart section coming up....wink

I found this "poster" on Pinterest today and it made me feel much more confident.  Instead of worrying about running the Marathon, I am going to build confidence in what I have done.  In February, I ran 160km, the furthest I have ever run in one month.  The last two Saturday's in a row I have run a half marathon out on my long slow runs.  Last weekend, I overcame my mental barriers on a long run on the treadmill and today I tackled the elements.  On today's, run I got my first of 5 ice cold soakers at mile 2, I had sloppy squishy shoes by the end of 22.1 km, I ran through 3 snowbanks, and a WALL of wind....and still managed a personal best time for half marathon (2hrs4min20sec). Best part, I LOVED IT!  

I went to bed last night sore, sore all over.  I woke up sore and nervous about going outside today.  I tried to convince myself that it was to yucky out, that I was too sore.  But here's the thing, the moment I started running, I felt "GREAT"....I felt like I was meant to be doing just that...running.  The first 8km of the run were amazing, the wind at my back carrying me. My thoughts were very much focused on how good it felt to run, not just physically but mentally.  The week's mash of stress, and to do's and not done's disappeared and I just ran.  At 8km the wall of wind hit and I had to lean in and push to get through it.  I swear it lasted for another 8km and even with that and my wet cold feet, I LOVED IT!  I felt strong pushing through that wind, I felt strong in mind and body.  I got a reprieve from the wind and picked up my pace, and as it often happens I went to that spiritual place.  Its this magical place, that is likely the reason I love running so much.  Someone Tweeted this week something to the effect that a long run is where you sort your soul out.  I felt like I did some soul sorting this morning.  Actually, I did a lot of taking stock and being thankful.  So very thankful for this healthy life, for the life that my family and I are living.  Thankful, for that "click" that got me off the couch and living life again.  

May 27th, is going to be one very very emotional run.  I imagine there will be a lot of soul sorting on that run as I look back at how far I have come from that young bulimic girl, to later an obese woman, and now ME.   My greatest wish is to have my kids at the finish line, to see there faces as I cross.  I am actually tearing up writing this, that's how bad I want it. 

So on I go, hopefully with dry shoes next time out, and feeling a lot more confident. 

Psssst.....when I finished my run today, the kids were outside making a snowman, and they cheered for me!  It lit me up inside :) 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Will die my HAIR PINK for Bust a Move with your help

Some of my friends and I from Losing it in Ottawa  have made a team for Bust a Move, a day long fitness event to raise money in support of Breast Health.  Our team has committed to raise $5000 for the cause.

Right now we are at 44% of our goal and to help us get there we are offering up a challenge of sorts.  If you can help us reach our goal with your very generous donations (and every dollar counts, just imagine if everyone donated $5 what we could achieve to help Breast Cancer)  my team mate Laura and I are going to die our hair pink...yes full on pink!   We also have our other team mates convinced to do some cool pink streaks in their hair.
I quite like this do actually
In all seriousness, Breast Cancer is a disease that has touched us all in some way or form.  Its deathly reach is wide and doesn't discriminate.  With two little girls, I am motivated to do what I can, silly antics and all to help fund research for breast health.

So pretty please with pink icing on top, if you will please check out our team sponsorship page.