Wednesday, February 8, 2012

what doesn't kill you...

I have had Kelly Clarkson's song "what doesn't kill you..makes you stronger" in my head all day!  I LOVE IT!  I listened to it today while running hills, and trust me it was the perfect song for powering up those hills!

It also had me thinking of just how "STRONG" I feel.

Physically, I feel on my game, strong and fit.  But, I also feel strong mentally.  I feel like I have tackled some "big" things for me in the last while and really shown myself that I've got some UMPHH to make it through the tough patches.

So while running today, I made a little "TOOT MY HORN LIST" (there I go referencing farts again wink)

  • I passed my driver's test on the THIRD you know how NERVE RACKING THAT WAS!  The night before I was a mess, and somehow I found the calm and the focus to do it that day!  TOOT!
  • Auditioning for the Body Pump Class, HELLO NERVES!!  I spent that Friday coming up with ways to back out and still made it there.  I put myself out there to be judged and inspected and had fun doing it.  TOOT! (actually TINK...damn jumping jacks)
  • Stuck through the personal training class on that first day, feeling like the fattest, oldest, most inexperienced one in the class and wanting to leave in tears...stuck it out and came back!  TOOT! 
  • passed the practical portion of the personal training certification, that was very nerve racking! TOOT!
  • The day I got baptized, I had an "incident" with Kay and also broke down and throughly embarrassed myself throwing my own fit of sorts...and wanted with every molecule in my body to walk out the church doors and not go through with it...but I stayed, and laid my heart out for God'S grace...TOOT! (did I just brag and talk about God in the same sentence? mmmm oops)
  • registered for the Marathon in May...committed to it! TOOT
  • and next Monday...well you will have to wait and see for that one (TOOT!)
So my blog world friends share your TOOTS, what have you done despite that awful fluttering feeling in the pit of your stomach?  Share your STRONG :) 


  1. This is an awesome post. You are AWESOME!

  2. You are a pretty lady who oozes total awesomeness! As for tooting, ask me in 11.5 weeks :) 'Gwenh'!