Thursday, February 2, 2012

Move More, Eat Well 2012: February

Here's this month's Move More, Eat Well post, you can see January's here.   

Ok now to the real meat of do I really feel?

I feel strong and fit!

I am still having a lot of fun doing this MOVING and SWEATING THING..and I have such great friends to enjoy it with

BUT I AM HUNGRY...(and trust me I am not holding back average cal intake is 2200ish)

I GET ON THE SCALE EVERY DAY...I don't like that anymore

I record everything I eat (accept on weekends)...

I am TIRED of the "WEIGHT" part of this journey....and how its WEIGHS ON ME.

I started the year thinking, yeah I lost 100 pounds now to maintain and get defined and hey run a marathon too...

But I still get on the scale every day like I have for the past 6 months or so (since buying the damn thing) expecting and waiting for that loss...but I am not in a "losing" mode (ie. eating to lose weight) I get a bit frustrated.

It's time to let go of the scale and My Fitness Pal...and give my "spirt" a break.  Its time to try and TRUST my body, that it knows what it needs.  That it knows what it needs to run 16km on Sat!

I am kind of nervous about this, but I know its time and that I need too to save my sanity.  The last few days I have been so hungry (bored hungry) at home with a sick kid..and I have felt trapped by my calorie count.  I shouldn't.  I should be able to eat a healthy snack, satisfy myself and move on.  I should not be waking up in the am and dragging myself out of bed just to see what the scale says.

I am doing this, to see if I can really live the party line I keep toting, which is to BE HEALTHY, TO LOVE AND TRUST YOURSELF.  TO BE KIND TO YOURSELF.

and to CELEBRATE...I am going out for dinner to enjoy a delcious dinner, to stop when I am full, and to drink a glass of wine.

Wish me luck :)


  1. AWESOME outlook. I stepped on the scale this morning, and I am now back to 227. I've gained back everything I lost last year, and am less than 10 pounds below my highest weight ever. But I think the only way I'm going to fix that is to get moving BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD. F the scale.

  2. How did you "survive" 6 months ago before you had the scale? Were you happier then?

  3. Lisa, I weighed myself at the it wasn't every day...more like a few times a was less "obsessive" and yes I did feel better :)

  4. Sasha....MOVING DOES FEEL good and for me it has always been so much easier then the food...I had to move first then dealt with the food...time to get those endorphines flowing into the old brain...will do wonders for making you feel better..F the scale!

  5. Want to lend me your scale? I would take good care of it...serious offer. =)

    Like with many life changes, one bad habit had to be replaced by a good habit. Think about a good habit that you can replace for that time you always step on the scale? Cause lets face it Katie - you won, and the scale lost and it doesn't care one way or another.


  6. I can totally see why this would be scary-but honestly, I think you've got this thing! you work out hard core, you enjoy healthy foods and you live a full life! Trusting ourselves is definitely tricky....but I think you have all the necessary tools to do so! :)

  7. SIGH .. BEST POST EVER! You are done with that leg of your journey sweets ... time to start another one and just live and not indulge in gadgets that tell you how you are doing ... you are a smart cookie .. YOU ALREADY KNOW!!!! I KNOW how scary this is for you .. but you are one of the bravest individuals to come into my life (knowing what i did for a living, you know i know brave people .. WINK)! I'm beyond proud my fartknocker!!!!!!! XOOX

  8. Love this, Katie. You're amazing and inspirational!

  9. Wishing you luck like you asked! Sounds like you've seen great progress, that's awesome! I'm getting more and more into running also and love how I feel after a run!! Thanks for joining my blog link party too! Great to "meet" you!

  10. You are very inspirational and I'll miss you on My Fitness Pal, but now I've found your blog!

  11. I used to suffer from serious scale obsession. I was weighing myself like 5X's/day. You can either make that scale inaccessible (attic, garage, someone else's house) or break it. I've done both. It was very healing. Fast forward to 2 years later. Now I own a new scale and forget to get on the dang thing. I weigh about once a month now (when I remember to). And yes, you look awesome.