Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I did it!  Today I closed my eyes hit SEND and JUMPED!  After months of dragging my feet and making up excuses (like the fact that Ryan is away again for 2 weeks) I put myself out there to offer my services as a personal trainer!  

I told myself that this is the year for making my dreams come true, running a half marathon and starting a new career in something that I am passionate about.  I have always known that helping women feel good about themselves was something I wanted to do.  When I was younger I thought I would do it by working in the Eating Disorders field (having found working in support groups and doing public education for the Anorexia and Bulimia Association very rewarding), but life took some different turns and I never did do my Masters.  Instead, I entered the workforce and the business world and later became a mom.  Being a stay at home mom, the last 5 years, has been by far the best job I have ever had, as well as challenging. But the time has come to start to define myself as something other then just mom.

I am hoping that I can start small, and reach out to other women and help them make change.  I feel like I have discovered something magical, at least the way it makes me feel is magical, and I want so very much to share that knowledge and feeling with others.

I have watched how exercise and nutrition has changed some of my close friends in the last year.  The transformations that they have undergone, the way their families' lifestyles have changed and its remarkable.  I want to help other women and families experience these changes too and to feel what living life feeling your best is like.

So here I go! JUMING....with both feet, and one eye open....please join me and have a look at Fit Mom in Barrhaven.    Thank-you to all my amazing friends that have supported me, and prodded me, and even PUSHED me.

One last thing, for your viewing first Fit Mom in Barrhaven Video.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Katie in the kitchen

Kind of funny that two weeks ago I decided to stop counting calories and here I am spending most of my days in the kitchen. It would seem I have finally found my domestic side.  In all seriousness though, I have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  Sundays I put together my meal plan for the week and Monday I do a big grocery shop with Kasey's help (its amazing how much easier this is with ONE kid vs two in tow).  Monday, I make a big chili or soup to have through out the week for lunches.  I've also been baking a lot more in the afternoons, with the kids help.  We have been trying different healthy "treats" out.  The kids really like baking and cooking with me and I have to say I like it too.  I am proud to say that I have stuck to the meal plan each night, even when tired and have made some really yummy and healthy dinners.

I have felt really good in the last two weeks, good about what's in my fridge.  The fridge has been filled at any given moment with all sorts of healthy leftovers, and the counter tops with healthy baked goods.  When I am hungry I have easy, clean eating at hand!  Even better, I have the family eating it too!

Like tonight I made a homemade wholewheat pizza crust topped with caramelized onions, spinach, peppers, low fat cheddar and BBQ chicken.  It was amazing!  The kids ate a plainer version with just cheese and chicken, with a side of peppers.  Best part, is we have left overs! An easy healthy lunch for the following day.  I'm particularly proud of myself for doubling the dough recipe and putting some in the freezer for a quick meal in the future.

This week, I got two books out from the library this week, Tosco Reno's Eat Clean Cookbook and Tosco Reno's Eat Clean for Families and Kids I have been pouring through them again and again and think I may just have to bite the bullet and buy them!  I am so excited to try out some new dishes that hopefully the kids will like.  I'm really trying to get the kids excited about healthy food.  I get them to help me as much as possible in the shopping and prepping of the food.  We talk a lot about food and why its good for us.  Like tonight, Kay asked why we didn't just order a pizza from the "PIZZA MAN" and I told her that pizza isn't good for our hearts and we talked about how our pizza was full of stuff to make our hearts healthy and energize us.  Not sure how much of it she really "got" but it was worth a try.  The kids still eat a lot of sugar.  They get TWO desserts each day, after lunch and dinner..they are small (like one oreo cookie, or a handful of little marshmallows etc) but they are still full of sugar and CRAP!  I wrestle with this so much...part of me thinks they are kids and should get to eat a treat...and then I think I'm a horrible parent feeding them poison.  So we move slowly toward a cleaner steps..and I keep trying to get more and more of the good stuff in.  In the meantime, they eat some fruit before they eat the poison.

Despite the parenting anxiety, I feel good about the food in my fridge, and I feel even better about the food in my body.  I've had a great two weeks at the gym, pushing hard on my runs and in pump class.  I had one of my best long runs ever last weekend, held a 5 min plank this week, and went up in weight on a few tracks in pump class.  I've had more energy and seem to be recovering really well after my workouts.  Today I am "resting" (although I did do a crappy yoga class), I have a long run to do in the am, and then another rest day Sunday.

I created a board on Pinterest that has my favorite recipes that I have tried and love.  I also thought I would share a few of my all time favorites from the last couple weeks.

Jamie's Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread

Roasted Root Vegetables and Barley

Baked Banana Bread Oatmeal
Do you have any healthy favorites to share?  PS. also tried swiss chard in my morning smoothie this week and LOVE IT!  Greens make me happy :) 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Liebster Award

My sweet friend Heather  awarded me with the “Liebster Award”! Liebster is German and means ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved’ but it can also mean ‘favourite’. The idea of the Liebster award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers.  Heather by the way has an awesome blog filled with scrapbook and mixed media eye candy

The coolest part is that this is a"Share the love" kind of award and I get to nominate other blogs that I enjoy and have passed many a cup of coffee with.  

The envelope picks for the Liebster Blog Award are: 

LaLaLand: My friend Laura's blog filled with tales of real life parenting with a splash of humour, fitness and health well as a few quirky quips from her husband's perspective.  

Fat Girl Step Off: This is my friend Liz's blog and she's training for a figure competition this summer (female body building).  I love her blog because it challenges me to rethink BEAUTY...its not skinny weak..its STRONG and HEALTHY!

Funny Things Are Everywhere: My friend Barb, A SUPERMOM's blog, she's a fitness instrutor, working mom, runner, scrapbooker and mom to two active and athletic boys.  

Gabry Road: Rosa is the genius behind this blog and business..a market place for Canadian Handmade Goodness and wealth of treasures! 

If you want to play along here are the deets:

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your picks for the award and let them know.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogshare-other bloggers.
5. Finally and the best rule of all……….have fun and spread the love!

Thank-you Heather for thinking of me and sharing the blog love!  

Friday, February 10, 2012

Check in: How am I doing without counting calories

I have a post up today on the Losing it in Ottawa Blog, come on by and see how I am doing without counting calories, not visiting the scale as often, and trying to listen to my body.

Eat when I am hungry, stop when I am full.....mmm...sounds simple....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

what doesn't kill you...

I have had Kelly Clarkson's song "what doesn't kill you..makes you stronger" in my head all day!  I LOVE IT!  I listened to it today while running hills, and trust me it was the perfect song for powering up those hills!

It also had me thinking of just how "STRONG" I feel.

Physically, I feel on my game, strong and fit.  But, I also feel strong mentally.  I feel like I have tackled some "big" things for me in the last while and really shown myself that I've got some UMPHH to make it through the tough patches.

So while running today, I made a little "TOOT MY HORN LIST" (there I go referencing farts again wink)

  • I passed my driver's test on the THIRD you know how NERVE RACKING THAT WAS!  The night before I was a mess, and somehow I found the calm and the focus to do it that day!  TOOT!
  • Auditioning for the Body Pump Class, HELLO NERVES!!  I spent that Friday coming up with ways to back out and still made it there.  I put myself out there to be judged and inspected and had fun doing it.  TOOT! (actually TINK...damn jumping jacks)
  • Stuck through the personal training class on that first day, feeling like the fattest, oldest, most inexperienced one in the class and wanting to leave in tears...stuck it out and came back!  TOOT! 
  • passed the practical portion of the personal training certification, that was very nerve racking! TOOT!
  • The day I got baptized, I had an "incident" with Kay and also broke down and throughly embarrassed myself throwing my own fit of sorts...and wanted with every molecule in my body to walk out the church doors and not go through with it...but I stayed, and laid my heart out for God'S grace...TOOT! (did I just brag and talk about God in the same sentence? mmmm oops)
  • registered for the Marathon in May...committed to it! TOOT
  • and next Monday...well you will have to wait and see for that one (TOOT!)
So my blog world friends share your TOOTS, what have you done despite that awful fluttering feeling in the pit of your stomach?  Share your STRONG :) 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Move More, Eat Well 2012: February

Here's this month's Move More, Eat Well post, you can see January's here.   

Ok now to the real meat of do I really feel?

I feel strong and fit!

I am still having a lot of fun doing this MOVING and SWEATING THING..and I have such great friends to enjoy it with

BUT I AM HUNGRY...(and trust me I am not holding back average cal intake is 2200ish)

I GET ON THE SCALE EVERY DAY...I don't like that anymore

I record everything I eat (accept on weekends)...

I am TIRED of the "WEIGHT" part of this journey....and how its WEIGHS ON ME.

I started the year thinking, yeah I lost 100 pounds now to maintain and get defined and hey run a marathon too...

But I still get on the scale every day like I have for the past 6 months or so (since buying the damn thing) expecting and waiting for that loss...but I am not in a "losing" mode (ie. eating to lose weight) I get a bit frustrated.

It's time to let go of the scale and My Fitness Pal...and give my "spirt" a break.  Its time to try and TRUST my body, that it knows what it needs.  That it knows what it needs to run 16km on Sat!

I am kind of nervous about this, but I know its time and that I need too to save my sanity.  The last few days I have been so hungry (bored hungry) at home with a sick kid..and I have felt trapped by my calorie count.  I shouldn't.  I should be able to eat a healthy snack, satisfy myself and move on.  I should not be waking up in the am and dragging myself out of bed just to see what the scale says.

I am doing this, to see if I can really live the party line I keep toting, which is to BE HEALTHY, TO LOVE AND TRUST YOURSELF.  TO BE KIND TO YOURSELF.

and to CELEBRATE...I am going out for dinner to enjoy a delcious dinner, to stop when I am full, and to drink a glass of wine.

Wish me luck :)