Thursday, March 1, 2012

Will die my HAIR PINK for Bust a Move with your help

Some of my friends and I from Losing it in Ottawa  have made a team for Bust a Move, a day long fitness event to raise money in support of Breast Health.  Our team has committed to raise $5000 for the cause.

Right now we are at 44% of our goal and to help us get there we are offering up a challenge of sorts.  If you can help us reach our goal with your very generous donations (and every dollar counts, just imagine if everyone donated $5 what we could achieve to help Breast Cancer)  my team mate Laura and I are going to die our hair pink...yes full on pink!   We also have our other team mates convinced to do some cool pink streaks in their hair.
I quite like this do actually
In all seriousness, Breast Cancer is a disease that has touched us all in some way or form.  Its deathly reach is wide and doesn't discriminate.  With two little girls, I am motivated to do what I can, silly antics and all to help fund research for breast health.

So pretty please with pink icing on top, if you will please check out our team sponsorship page.


  1. I think you would look FAB in pink!

  2. It's Meg Strangler on this photo.

  3. Hey there! Did you somehow manage to make all the options of your website on your own or you got professional help?