Saturday, January 28, 2012

Right Now

Stealing Krista's Right Now idea :) 

Kasey's picture is way cuter then mine Right Now

'Right Now'

listening: downloading Shadow fever to listen to on my run, an audio book
reading: Another supernatural book, yep more vampires :) 
eating: well drinking actually, my morning smoothie
drinking: planning on enjoying a few glasses of red tonight!
wearing: new LULU running shorts and tank
feeling: anxious to get my long run done so I can relax and enjoy the day
weather: cold :(
watching: Tangled....AGAIN!
waiting: to go to the
wanting: to spend the day in bed with tea, and my book, and napping on and off 
needing: a good afternoon nap and a girls night out
enjoying: the weekend with my family
wondering: what to have for dinner? What will go well with red wine? Running 16km today should have something really YUMMY LOL
working: hopefully not doing much of that this weekend

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  1. I love this!! And that I'm not the only one who sits at the computer in my workout gear ;)