Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve Crazy Times

Laura and I at the resolution run, her first race!  and she rocked it!

Ryan and I another year of healthy and happy :) 
New Year's eve was a perfect mix of health and indulgence...and a side of crazy fun!  We left the kids at our friend Rob and Laura's house, her very brave mom watched all 4 kids, while the 4 of us headed downtown to run the 5km Resolution Run.  I won't lie it was cold out there!  Luckily I had a little stash of fireball whiskey in my water bottle and had a couple nips for good measure before the race started.  I was nervous at first, the road seemed a bit slippery and my muscles took a couple minutes to warm up, but before long the adrenaline of running in a "race" kicked in and I ran my best 5km yet!  When I hit the half way point I was surprised at the time, and thought that can't be right...but I felt good so I kept it up and finished in 25min and 34 sec. (my Garmin even said I ran 3.19 a tad longer no less LOL)  Maybe Fireball is the key to a good run?

After the race Laura and I changed into our party dresses, because you have to dress up on New Year's Eve! I then proceeded to fill myself with CHEESE and more CHEESE and sparkling wine.  Then Laura pulls out the camera to film our "push up challenge" from the Losing it in Ottawa forum.  Oh my I was stuffed and wobbly LOL.
My goal was 30 push ups from my toes (I could only do one this summer in my PT class!) and I was supposed to try 5 one legged ones on each leg after...ummm that did not I nearly puked LOL.

and my crazy assed friend Laura, rocking push ups in her Snooki that's hard core!

After that we were free to continue with the festivities and ring in 2012 with the best of spirits!!!!


  1. We are SO FREAKIN COOL! Thanks for the awesome night!

  2. You ladies are so fun! Push ups in party dresses, what a way to ring in the new year.

  3. Think all pushups should be be completed hereforth in a "snooki" dress!!!

  4. AWESOME on your 5k and a definite AWESOME to push-ups in party dresses!!!!