Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bust a Move: Busting Breast Cancer!

A bunch of us from Losing it in Ottawa have been challenged by a fellow member to join in the BUST A MOVE Event in April, a crazy day long day of fitness, to raise money to support Breast Cancer.   Well, you know me I love a challenge, and a day spent sweating and exercising? WELL SIGN ME UP!!

But in all honesty this one really hits home, beyond the pink tutus and crazy fun.  My sister in law, Shannon has beaten Breast Cancer, and she has survived it after having lost both her parents too cancer. Cancer has touched us all, in some form or another...someone we know..someone we love.  I have two little girls...I don't want any more cancer in my family.

So please if you will click on my fundraising page and donate a little for this worthy cause :)


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  1. Done.. for such a worthy cause... you're an inspiration to us all!