Friday, January 27, 2012

26.2's begun

Its for my first Full Marathon, 26.2 miles!  I can say that now, with a little less of the fluttery feeling in my tummy.  I think now that I am actually running again, I am feeling more confident.  Although, I hope never to loose that fluttery feeling in the pit of my stomach entirely, its part of the magic.

So I am into week two of my training plan.  What training plan am I following you ask? Why the KATAROO BY THE SEAT OF MY PANTS PLAN of course.  I have looked up a number of training plans and none of them seem to"FIT" me.  I find most of them don't allow for a lot of strength training and I don't want to loose that part of my fitness routine.  

So my basic plan is to run 3-4 times a week.  A tempo or speed work style of run on Mondays (8-10km), a hill type of run on Wednesdays (8km), and the Long Slow Run (increasing distance slowly) on Saturdays.  That leaves Tuesdays and Thursdays for strength training.  When I can I will fit a 4th  run in, a shorter one, likely a 5km.  That leaves a day of rest and hopefully fitting a yoga workout in there somewhere.  

Until, the spring hits most of my training will take place on the treadmill.  Which is ok, I trained for the half marathon this way too.  I make sure to make good use of the incline on the treadmill and do a lot of hills to make sure I am ready to transition to the road.  I find the biggest challenge with using the DREADMILL is the mental part, its so BORING!!  But I have friends to workout with, and I am downloading an audio book to listen to on the long runs and that makes it much better.  I figure mentally it's great training for the big big long runs. I will be used to pushing through the mental blocks.  Last week I actually got outside for a quick 5km run and I can't get over how good I felt.  It was perfect, just what I needed to remind me why I run....because it feels so good!  I felt strong, and powerful...and FREE.  

On the treadmill, I have been using a 2% incline as my "flat" which is up from the 1% I used to run at.  I can really feel it, especially in my calves.  So I think I am going to switch it up and do a manual rolling hill from 1-2% mimicking the road a bit better.  My claves were really cramping up at the end of my runs.  I've also been focusing on slowing down, and covering the distance.  I know the whole point of the long slow run is to run SLOW! but I struggle with it, especially on a treadmill, where you are starring at the display.  I feel I put pressure on myself to keep a certain pace, and also the sheer boredom has me wanting to go faster to get through it!  But if I push myself, I find I am "feeling" it, pushing physically and mentally when I should be enjoying the run.  So I am slowing down.  

My favorite run on the treadmill is HILLS, I have two workouts that I like to use.  One is hill intervals where I use the hill interval program on the treadmill. I run a hill for a minute, then rest at a 0% incline for a minute, then repeat.  The hill intervals vary in grade from 1-5% on a level 6 hill program.  I do that for 8km and its quite a workout.  I love it though, mentally the time flies by because there is so much change going on.  So much more interesting then 15km flat on the dreadmill.  Its not a "true" interval workout (HIIT) though as my heart rate (although recovering a bit on the 0% incline) is pretty steady state throughout the run and the length is too long.   The other hill workout I like, uses running pyramids.  Unlike the interval program my pace is much slower on this workout.  I can keep a good clip going on the hill intervals because of that 0% incline of "rest" but the pyramid workout is about endurance on the hills. I usually do two pyramids.  Last week I increased the incline 1% every minute until reaching 10% and then "climbed" down 1% every minute.   It took me just over 2km to complete each pyramid.  I have also done these changing the incline every 30sec and going up to 15%.  There are so many options when it comes to the treadmill and keeping yourself "entertained." 

I've gotten two long slow runs in  now, both 15 km.  Last week I ran with my buddy Jenn, who is training for her first half marathon.  I even brought treats for the treadmill and munched on a date roll to give me energy.  I have discovered the date roll is the perfect snack, and so much healthier then the processed gels.  Not to say I won't use those, as I swear that ROCKET stuff made me fly! LOL.  But for the most part think I will stick to the whole, REAL, food.  Plus, it tastes so sweet and yummy.  I love slowing down and snacking on my treat, it's a great mental break on the run.  

I'm also happy to say that this week I have recovered well after my runs, unlike the first week where I felt totally wiped after.  

This weekend, I am aiming for 16km and have the company of my two best gym buds!  Hopefully, we all get treadmills together.  The girl talk and chatting should make those minutes fly by.


  1. Look forward to the chatting tomorrow. Not so much the running ;) Also really hoping that we can get treadmills together.

  2. Going to enjoy following your marathon journey as I'm starting my half-marathon journey! When you say "slow" on the treadmill, how many km/h is that? I've been doing a fast walk at 5.5 to 6 km/hr and then running intervals at 9 km/h (easy since they are preset options), but today I did 7.5 km/h to try to slow myself down to build endurance, since I can't run long (or any) distances yet. 7.5 km/h felt slow but I could stick it out a lot longer.

    Good luck with the training! When's the big day?!

  3. Way to go Annet :) this is exciting, running my first half last fall was on of the best days of my life! Right up there with getting married and having the kids :) Good job slowing down to start building the distance, that's the key. Speed doesn't matter now, just log those the endurance up...the speed will come later. Are you on daily mile? This is my link:

  4. I've been out of touch generally due to trying to get my career underway, but I'm so excited for you. So lovely that you're pursuing this dream and doing it with such a relaxed attitude :). Wishing you many fabulous training days!