Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random Bits

I noticed its been a while since I blogged or rather a friend pointed it out to me (wink). So I thought I would share some random bits of Kataroo with know because that's riveting stuff!

  • Last week I went to a Sugar Sense workshop, held by Eat Whole Be Vital and had a few aha moments.  One of those moments was learning that Fructose goes straight to your liver and therefore is considered a 'poison'.  Guess what my beloved AGAVE NECTER, yep is high in fructose....navigating this sugar stuff is a complicated land mind.  So does that mean I give up Agave Nectar? No....I just need to use a variety of sugars like honey, molasses, brown rice syrup, maple syrup...
  • I wrote a blog post on strength training for the beginner on the Losing it in Ottawa Blog
  • I finally baked the "healthy" cookies that my friend Maranda has been raving about, and she was right they are AWESOME!! 
I used honey instead of the white sugar

  • On the fitness front, I ran a personal best for the 5km on the treadmill (1% incline, flat terrain) 27 min 22 sec!  Previous best was really have to PUSH it to shave time off a 5km...I almost hit the puke point LOL. Luckily I had my friend Laura next to me, keeping me engaged and my mind of the "UGHH"
  • I had another strength workout with my friend Liz, who is training for a figure competition, I love working out with her, she's super fun and I am learning so much from her! 
  • I discovered this new to me site called BODY ROCK TV and its full of great intense short workouts, unfortunately my good friend Jenn now wants us to do the 1000 rep workout...I'm scared :) LOL
  • Had a really cool moment at the gym the other day when a woman said "I know you don't need this, but could you help me find the "light" weights"....loved that!  
  • In addition to making the healthy cookies have also done some Christmas baking for a cookie exchange party this Friday.  I made these cookies, not so healthy...I also now need to make more for the exchange!

    • Christmas baking and holiday parties are not helping me inch toward that last 1.5 pounds...but I am ok with is the holidays after all :) My friend asked me the other day what my holiday plan was for dealing with temptation.  I told her that my plan was to find balance.  To eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, and to workout and then enjoy an indulgent dinner and dessert and lots of wine :)  This past weekend was the first test, a weekend away and a party to go to.  Let's see I didn't workout even though I brought my stuff with me, and Sunday I had an IV line of sugar hooked up!  And you know what..IT WAS AWESOME!  


    1. Beautiful picture of you and the girls! I love your tidbits too :)

    2. Fun post, and thanks for the link to the new site... I'll be checking that out!

      Great photo of you and the girls. You look great!!

    3. Hello,
      Nice post.
      Does Agave syrup is worst than honey or Maple syrup ? I thought the glycemy index was lower.

      You look so nice on your picture, so slim !
      My nutritionist gave me a couples of advice for chrsitmas. She said : eat things that won't be available on normal time, like a nice chocolate, but say no to a regular chocolate bar. She also said to have as a goal to be the same wight as december 15 on January 3rd (of course I will like to be less, but at least to be the same weight makes also some sense).

    4. Wow sister, you have so much to be proud of. I love how someone in the gym asked you about the light weights!! No one ever talks to me in the gym, lol. I would love it if someone asked for my help! You look fantastic btw and your girls are beautiful.... and I didn't know you worked out with my sister Liz! This blows my mind. I'm sooooo envious of you two - two amazing ladies who I'd LOVE to work out with!

    5. I keep hearing about these "healthy cookies"... will have to check them out!!

    6. Une femme en sante, your right the gymcemic index is quite low on agave nectar, but its also a fructose...see CONFUSING STUFF...

    7. Suzanne AKA Workout Nirvana just made me go EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    8. Another fun post Katie! You DO have so much to be proud of...and it's no wonder that you are asked for help at the gym. You rock, and you always have a big smile on your face...I don't think I've ever looked at you and seen you without a smile. Love that! Thanks for playing with me!!