Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Holy Sh#T I'm 35!!!
and I've lost my marbles...
Happy Birthday to me :)  Well its actually my birthday tomorrow and I am writing this post ahead of time.  Tomorrow morning I will be having my toes pampered at the Spa with my dear friend excited for some girly relax time.  Also can't wait for them to see the paint job Kayleigh gave me last weekend LOL.  Then we pack up the car and head to Norland for Christmas with my family.  I am beyond excited to see my sisters!!! To be surrounded by my family :)  

So on my last day of being 34 let's take stock for a moment?

  • I died my hair this week before I could spot any greys coming in...haven't officially found one yet and I don't plan on it!
  • My "aging" body seems to be feeling some aches and pains this week, my wrist swelled up and I still can't put my full weight on it (but its much better) and my foot hurts from running intervals I have taken a break from upper body weights this week and high impact activities. I did a Spin class Tuesday and Wed skipped the gym all together and did a core workout at home for 20min, today I hope to get to the gym for some low impact cardio.  Can't even take my yoga class because my wrist wouldn't do well in downward dog :(  Really hope that a week of rest on it will fix it.  
  • Thanks to my friend Jenn officially signing up for her first HALF MARATHON yesterday, I bit the bullet and registered for the Marathon in May.  No more ifs....its going to happen!  Like Jenn I feel slightly sick about it LOL.  
  • Good news...I have a training buddy for the marathon, a friend I met while sweating at Saunder's Farm this year at Exer Susie's class, Kelly is running it too, so I have someone to share those really loooooong training runs with. 
  • Christmas is almost here and I am beyond giddy with excitement, my December Daily album is packed full of memories already...its been an awesome month!
  • New Year's Eve we will be ending the year again with the Resoultion Run, and running it with a bunch of friends.  I love that we are ending a year of health off with a bang with friends that also share this crazy spirit!  After the run we are celebrating with our dear friends Laura and Rob (they are running too), while the kids are having a sleep over.  Laura has issued the challenge of filming our Losing It in Ottawa Push Up challenge that night in our party wear!  Should be entertaining!  I just hope her Snooki Accessories stay in place!! 
So bring it THIRTY FIVE, I'm READY!!


  1. That's a sexy picture, Katie! Seriously though, you rocked 34 and I'm sure that 35 will be even better. Can't wait for our pedi date tomorrow :)

  2. That is the one of the best pictures ever!!!! I seriously laughed out loud when I saw it! You are such a nutter...and I mean that in the best way possible!
    Happy birthday to you! xoxoxox