Thursday, December 8, 2011

100 pounds lost, so much more gained

Awkward trying to show some muscle pose...or pushing a big fart out...wonder?

A long way from doing jumping jacks and having my back fat slap together doing the Shred 2 years ago :) 
Today marks an official 100 pounds, those last two pounds decided to make me be patient.  Which in hind sight is good, 2 weeks to loose two pounds is a good thing, and hopefully means it will stay off.

So to celebrate, and to reinforce for myself what this 100 pounds really means I thought I would make a list of 100 things gained!  (I don't expect you to read through it all, its more for me) wink. 

  1. confidence in myself
  2. confidence in my body's ability to do things
  3. I love going out and dressing up and don't choose to "hide" at home because I am embarrassed by my  size.  
  4. trying crazy news things because I believe I can likely do them 
  5. made a big dream come true running a half marathon
  6. fell in love with getting up on a weekend morning, chugging a shake, and heading out to a race with  my hubby
  7. loving the post race glow and chat with Ryan while we break it down
  8. sharing getting fit with my husband
  9. how hot my husband looks (can you tell I miss him)
  10. strength...I am strong...I feel strong
  11. I love my arms, even if they still have loose flying squirrel skin, I think they still look toned, and I love them....I hated baring my arms at a size 22. 
  12. shoulders...I love my shoulders 
  13. I love that my daughter draws pictures of girls with shoulders LOL
  14. I love my legs...
  15. I can look at myself in the mirror with both eyes open now
  16. I can look at myself naked and not cringe...even with sagging skin...I don't care..its like a battle scar I am proud of
  17. speaking of naked...well lets just say certain actives are much more fun!
  18. and on that note yoga...yes yoga really helps in that dept :) LOL
  19. speaking of yoga, have fallen in love with yoga
  20. love the challenge of getting better at certain poses
  21. have learned that there are actual health benefits to those poses!
  22. my kids love yoga!
  23. I like a variety of physical things now....
  24. running
  25. spinning
  26. yoga
  27. weight training
  28. biking
  29. Fitness classes
  30. Races
  31. Even enjoyed a dance like class ONCE
  32. I've done crazy stuff like City Chase and next year Bust a Move
  33. being fit has become a social thing
  34. I've so enjoyed the last 6 months or so with my good friend Laura at the gym, will miss her so much when she goes back to work, but plan on seeing her once a week in the evening
  35. met a girl at the gym, Jenn, who's become on of my dear friends, and with Laura, we make a crazy threesome!  CHARLIE'S ANGELS watch out!
  36. I have a new workout out pal, Liz who is training for a figure competition, I am learning so much from her, and more than that she is an awesome person and I am so enjoying getting to KNOW her :)
  37. I've met up with a friend from the LIO community and fellow blogger Pam, to get sweaty
  38. I've reconnected with my friend Mell at the gym :)
  39. I have a huge sweet spot for a group of 'retired ladies' at the gym, they make me smile and laugh
  40. Through the Losing it in Ottawa community I have met an awesome group of women and they are  part of my daily life online
  41. yesterday when Pennignton's called to tell me about a special offer, I kindly and admittedly quite proudly asked to be taken off their call list as their clothes don't fit, and I politely said I hope they never do again, the lady laughed and gave me her best wishes :) it was pretty cool :)  
  42. Yesterday I zipped a gorgeous designer dress in a size 8 up :)  Sigh it stayed in the store...not in the budget LOL
  43. when I set out to loose weight I thought a size 14 would be my goal....never imagined didn't even seem possible...
  44. but its not about size...its about speed, and strength, and endurance
  45. or maybe its not about that either....
  46. maybe its about my Dr. proudly giving me an A PLUS at my physical, and looking at my girls in the room with me and saying that what I am doing is setting them up to succeed
  47. maybe its more about the frustration and effort I am putting into trying to feed my children's little bodies as best I can and set them up for health and the success when they actually like something I make
  48. maybe its more about how much closer Ryan and I are after 16 years or so together...
  49. and  how much more of a team we are
  50. and how  attracted to each other we are
  51. Its about not feeling trapped by my weight 
  52. Its about my mind finely healing and my soul lifting
  53. its about seeing the people I love making their own brave steps towards a healthier self
  54. oh my I have to think of 100 things? 
  55. who's idea was this?
  56. is anyone still reading?
  57. my taste for food changing
  58. I love healthy food
  59. my body wants it and so does my mind
  60. I still want choc though and other treats
  61. and I have learned that I can enjoy those things in moderation and more importantly MINDFULLY...being present...not in a mind numbing binge
  62. I'M DRUG prozac, no paxil....just plain old fashined endorphins
  63. I have discovered just how strong my WILL is....
  64. my will power, and determination in running that half
  65. my strength in staring down my past demons and kicking their ass!
  66. running in Norland.....its beautiful and feels magical
  67. learning I like hills
  68. fitting into LULULEMON....that was a big fun for me....
  69. doing this one again :) LOL
  70. I can carry my children on my shoulders up and down hills on a sweat..ok maybe some sweat...saving me from having to listen to them whine about being tired 
  71. I can play with my kids outside and give them a run for the money
  72. I can heave the laundry up and down the stairs like wonder woman 
  73. I can carry a TV all by myself to the car, no help from the guys
  74. I can put the lap tray down on the train or airplane
  75. I can sit comfortably in the movie theatre
  76. I sleep so soundly at night or I would if my kids left me alone
  77. I am not smothered in guilt over what I ate
  78. when I do indulge, there is no guilt...or at least not like before
  79. I have learned how to enjoy and relax and fit into my overall healthy lifestyle....for the most part
  80. I have found what works for me, not a diet, a way of life
  81. I am ok with my weight fluctuating...
  82. I know I likely gain some weight as I train for a full marathon
  83. I am ok with that
  84. holly crap I am going to make a huge dream come true
  85. I got my PT certification
  86. I made it through sitting in a class feeling like the FAT, OLD, LADY...and didn't give up
  87. I believe I can help other women
  88. I believe that I will be happiest sharing and helping others
  89. I want to bottle this feeling up and give it away to those I love
  90. never
  91. ever 
  92. want 
  93. to 
  94. feel
  95. less 
  96. then
  97. ever
  98. again!
  99. I feel like ME :)


  1. congratulations Katie.... a milestone indeed but what you have gained far outweights what you have lost, You inspire this ole gal to be better too. thank you

  2. This is one of the best posts I have ever read - period.

  3. I read every single word. Reasons 54-56 were my faves until I read 90-100.
    You are a complete inspiration. Being a woman who started out needing to lose 90-100 pounds myself, I can totally relate to you. I'm almost 50 pounds into my own journey. It's not easy, but to be happy, healthy and fit at the end of it makes it worth it.

  4. WOW Congratulations - you are an inspiration to me as well - I have two weeks into a new weight lose goal and when I look at your progress what an inspiration - hopefully I will be there this time next year...thanks for sharing - B

  5. A truly amazing milestone and one I hope to get to someday. Thanks for the amazing story and I'll be following you!!! I've lost about 30 and more, but then put some of it back on. Determined not to put the other 30 back on and need to work at the more again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Thank you for sharing Katie. Your 100 pounds makes the 30-40 I still need to say goodbye to seem so much more manageable!

  7. WOW. This is SO inspiring. WAY to go!! I lost 30 pounds a year & half ago and gained it all back... incredibly frustrating but know exactly why - I went back to all my bad habits and forgot how fun exercise could be. Working my way back down...

  8. I am not going to say I "unbelievable" as I "believed" in you all along! Congratulations skinny bitch! What an amazing day for you!

  9. WAY TO GO KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This was truly beautiful and inspirational to read... you are an amazing woman

  11. I am literally speechless Katie, there is only 2 things that come to mind, "write a book" and "become a trainer for woman just like you and I etc etc" Kuddo's to you my friend, you are such an inspiration and you look marvelous, like check out your muscles!!!!

  12. I loved it and it made my day. You have inspired me to get healthy and have so enjoyed reconnecting with you! Love Kelly

  13. What an achievement and what an inspiration!!!! :)

  14. Linked over from Cathy Z's FB page to find such an inspiration and in my own hometown! Congratlations on your acheievement! Helene


    Congrats my dear friend .. always knew you'd do this .. you too fricken stubborn not too! Loves ya!


  16. I love this list! WAY TO GO!

  17. I just came across your blog from a pin on pinterest. I am you 100 lbs. ago and I hope to someday be able to have a list of 100 reasons of my own. Your list has inspired me even more, and number 46 brought me to tears, I have a 16 month old of my own and I want to be healthy for him.

    1. Thank-you so much :) I'm really proud of you too 46 is a big deal, a life change! and sounds like you have the best motivation your son :) wishing you a healthy and happy 2013 :)