Monday, November 7, 2011

Strength Training

I am finding myself very inspired by images of strong muscular women like you see here.  Inspired by new friends that are making big dreams come true! I am starting to fall in love with strength training, its no longer the dreaded, boring, but necessary evil of my workout.  I dare say I am finding myself wondering if I could indeed have a back that looked like that? HEY MAYBE?

I spent the evening last night scouring the internet for a good strength workout to do this morning with my workout bud Jenn.  I am finding the training I received in my personal training course prepared me well for the beginner and intermediate strength training programs (think foundation, and build) and even the strength/burn workout (got that down to a science) but I am struggling with how to move into the 'STRENGTH' (advanced) program of training.

So last night I read and I read and I learned.  I book marked exercises and articles and walked away with a good workout for today thanks to the super awesome Workout Nirvana.    I also learned that like anything you have to take what you read with a grain of salt and navigate your own way and find what will work for you.  I am excited for this next stage of training and seeing what it will bring...hopefully me pulling my own full body weight up in a pull up!

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