Saturday, November 19, 2011

Need to finish what I started

I was supposed to run 50 miles in November, as part of a daily mile challenge I signed up for.  I have only run 21 and its passed the half way point.  I am usually really good at being on the ball when I set a goal in my mind.  But for some reason I have been slacking on the running a lot of late.  Not to say that I have been sedentary I have been weight training more than ever before, and had also gotten into a good Hot Yoga streak.  I think part of my problem is that after so many race goals to train for I felt free to just play with my workouts and break out of the boredom of my routine.  It felt really good to 'choose' what I felt like doing rather than knowing it was Wednesday HILL day.  But on the downside I think I may have 'played' a little too hard and last week found myself feeling the effects of over training.  I wasn't recovering well from my workouts (muscle soreness persisting), and my workouts were much weaker than normal.  This led to taking last weekend off entirely, not even a stretch to be seen. I must admit it felt good (really good).  This week was challenging as I was kept from my 'happy place' (aka the gym) with the two sick kiddies to take care of.  I managed to squeeze in two evening workouts (not my favorite time of the day to workout) and even one at home workout (again not ideal but you make it work).  By Thursday my lovely children had passed their germs on to me and I felt myself feeling less than my usual 'rainbows and sunshine' self.  Normally, I would have pushed through anyway, with a sniffles and snot aren't going to hold me back can do attitude.  But this time knowing I was coming out of an 'overtrain' I thought lets just take it easy this time, and so I did.  Again it felt really good to rest.  Friday I felt well 'enough' to join a friend at the gym for a workout, but coupled with a late night out I think it did me in and I woke up this morning feeling wheezy and awful.  So once again, I have 'benched' myself to rest.  I am really hoping that this 'rest' fixes me up and I am back to my usual 'endorphin seeking' self by Monday.
Because I need to finish what I started!  I need a plan!  As much fun as this 'fly by the seat of my pants' exercising has been, I feel out of sorts without a concrete goal and mini goals to test myself with.  I like the feeling of going after something, and I really like the feeling of achieving lets say 26 miles.
So Ryan if your listening I really want one of these for my birthday!
Ryan you can find it here :)

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  1. Haha, awesome plug for your Xmas present :) I'm glad to hear that you're listening to your body but also have no doubt that you can squeeze in the next 26 miles before the end of the month assuming you give yourself the time to recover. I'd love to set up a few run dates with you.