Monday, November 21, 2011


Nothing like finding an old picture of yourself, in your 'larger' days to motivate you to hold strong and keep up the hard work.  I was looking through pictures of this time last year, looking for pics of the kids putting up the tree and I came across this.  I have to tell you that it is somewhat 'shocking' to myself...I remember feeling so good about myself here..having lost 40ish pounds..I felt like I was really fit (working out hard running and spinning).
I had to wear two bras back then to hold those suckers down LOL
The funny thing is, I did feel good, but I was stuck.  Despite having lost a bunch of weight, and working out consistently 5-6 days a week, I had plateaued.  A lot of that was due to the fact that I was still eating what I pleased 2-3 days a week (ie. really overeating), I was eating a lot of processed food, and I was doing almost pure cardio with very little strength training.

I took this picture today a year later...and 3 pounds away from having lost 100 pounds!  Difference is nutrition (focus on whole foods, high protein, complex carbs, healthy fats) and strength training!
So this is my motivation to keep at it, because its not that bad, really it isn't.  This really has translated into a lifestyle for me and for our family.  You all know I love the exercise bit and the nutrition part isn't that bad at all.  I really enjoy the food that I am making (except for that pea soup disaster) and I like how eating this way makes me feel.  Greek Yogurt is my friend :)  I am easing into a maintenance mode and 'relaxing' on the weekends.  Overall, I have to say its going really well.  So remind me that the next time I feel like skipping my weight workout, would you?



    100 lbs - that is AMAZING. You look great, HAPPY and FIT.
    SOO proud of you, you are an inspiration!!

  2. You truly are an inspiration to me to keep at it - WTG Katie - you love fabulous!!!!

  3. Oh my freakin' God!!!! You are da inspiration bomb for 2011 Ms. Katie :) I honestly can't believe the transformation and all the hard work it took on your behalf, it takes alot of disclipine and gosh do you know what that is :) You are my idol girlfriend, wish we lived closer because you would be my "ass kicker" all the way to the gym!

  4. Your arms look awesome in the new photo (and in real life). ;)

  5. Look at you! You know what, I look at your photos, and for some reason I think that you managed to just decide one day that you were going to lose weight, and you worked and worked and worked at it, and then you got there. Why would I think you never plateaued? Seems silly now, doesn't it.

    I need to take pictures. I want to see the same things you see in your photos. You inspire me.

  6. Thanks for giving me courage. Actually we are so beautiful on both picture, but the last one is impressive !

  7. You are totally inspirational and I love your blog. Just found it when you commented at Thank you for your support and sharing this fitness thing with me :). I appreciate you! It's time I gave you a little support back - you're amazing! <3