Saturday, November 26, 2011

10 more miles to go....

I have 10 more miles to go to meet my goal of 50 miles in November, a challenge issued by my favorite runner/scrapper Cathy, on Daily Mile.    I think I might actually make this goal, which is great because last week I felt like it was a mountain to climb. Its no secret that I have been struggling with running of late.  Like I have done so often in my life, I get close to a goal and I start to self sabotage myself.  This time around its the mere 'thought' of goal that seems to have sent me cowarding in the corner.

So today I set out with a plan, a plan to run 15km.  My thinking is that when I was training for the Army Half, 15km was my first real run of any great distance.  It was a special number for me and it became my 'base' of sorts.  I figured if I can keep that base, the thought of moving into Full Marathon training in January will no longer be so daunting.  So today with the help of a friend by my side, I did 15km, and you know what it felt great!  It felt really good in fact.  Even better, mentally, I feel back in the game.  I feel confident again.

I've been thinking a lot of late, about running a marathon and what that means to me.  Its been a life long dream.  A I don't think I ever actually thought I would do it!  But having run the half marathon this year and having it rank in amongst the best days of my life (birth of the kids, wedding and half marathon that's the order) it seems silly to not go for it all!  When I think of running it, I picture my kids waiting for me at the finish line and I get teary.  I want the kids and Ryan to record messages to me to add to my playlist along the way.  I figure if I get this emotional just picturing the finish line, its a sign that I need to do this.



  1. So, did you make it to 50? I have been doing the Nike 50 mile challenge with Cathy and just found your blog. So much inspiration. Thanks for writing.