Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Personal Best

I'm having a great week!  A week back at the gym after taking care of two sick kids last week and having to find ways to workout out at home.  Tuesday I worked out with two of my good friends (Jenn and Laura), we did a strength/burn workout for just over an hour trying out a bunch of crazy moves I had looked up on youtube.  I love working out with these girls, they are in top shape, push themselves hard, and enjoy a good challenge.  A challenge like pulling one another on glider discs down the hall like a horse and cart. We sweated for just over an hour, but I swear it felt more like 10 min!  We joked that we should film our own workout video for the 'real' woman, complete with pants falling down and boobs popping out while doing Burp-pees.

Today, I hit the treadmill to put in a practice run for this Sunday's 10km Rattle Me Bones race.  Again, I was lucky to have Laura's company.  I had set a goal of trying to run the race in under 1 hour, which in all honesty is something I wouldn't have thought possible 2-3 months ago.  But for some reason or another I seem to have gained some speed, and thought it was a reasonable goal.  One problem though, the race is the day after our Halloween/International Dinner Club night and I have a feeling I may enjoy some wobbly pops.  So in the event that I am feeling 'under the weather' race day I wanted to prove to myself today that I could do 10km in under an hour.  I ran the first 5km at a 1-1.5% incline at a fast tempo, in the 2nd half I slowed down and added in some hills (a few at 3% and a few at 5% each for a minute) then picked the pace back up to finish in 58:08!  I DID IT!!!

It was hard, but I had a secret weapon today...Laura!  Laura also recently set a goal, a goal of running her first 5km race at the resolution run on Dec 31st.  She hit the treadmill today along side me and pushed herself hard!  As we ran I couldn't help but think of the girl next to me, who 5 months or so ago said she was NOT A RUNNER.  I can't get over all that she has achieved physically in her fitness (Saunder's Fitness classes, yoga, strength training, running) and I am oh so very proud of her.  So you can see how it was hard not to give it my all, when fueled by a serious case of the goosebumps.

Its amazing how setting a goal can empower you to push yourself, give you focus, and drive you through the tough spots.  I think its important not only to have a long term goal (like running that full marathon) but a series of smaller goals to booster you (like getting up in that spider yoga move).  I particularly, like the non weight related goals.   I like taking the focus off the scale and putting the power into something that I feel empowers me.  Getting to that one chin up, is going to require a lot of strength, and that strength is going to come from building lean muscle, and eating well.  I feel like that one chin up is going to hold a lot more value for me then a loss on the scale.

So what's your big goal? and what are your mini goals?  Let's cheer each other on!

Ps.  I have a crazy video up on the Losing it in Ottawa blog talking about scrapbooking and weight loss of all things :) wink


  1. so amazing.. congratulations Katie.... reach for the stars kiddo....!!!!

  2. I have a goal. It's a workout. Any workout. It could be a walk, a get-my-ass-to-the-work-gym (my gym bag has been sitting here for weeks!), or hop on the Wii for 20 minutes. ANYTHING! I have a serious case of inertia, and I need to get the ball rolling.

  3. I need to set a new goal for myself. I was just trying to get in a workout three times a week. I do that now. My husband just started training for a 10K run. I'm not ready to tackle that yet.