Friday, October 28, 2011

The kids getting downward dog

hahaha except the picture is of cobra :) but it doesn't have the same ring as downward dog :) LOL

I had been looking around for yoga classes for my girls to take since we have been having so much fun playing 'yoga' at home and in the park.  Until, yesterday I had been unsuccessful in finding something close to us, and that also allowed both girls to take the class.  Then comes Exer Susie to the rescue, who just happens to be my favorite TRAINER!  She is now teaching a KIDS YOGA class at the beautiful Moksha Yoga Studio on Thursdays, and the best part is while the kids do their class I can take a hot yoga class.  Even better they have a special on right now for 30 days unlimited classes, for $50 (I still pay a $10 drop in fee per kid per class, the special is for ME).

My girls have already gotten to know her a bit, as they have come to the Richmond Core Class that I have taken a few times with Susie.  So they will be familiar with her, and having watched Susie baby/child wrangle the kids during the class so that Mom's can keep working out I feel really good about leaving the kids in class to go sweat in my own class.

I love the idea of the girls getting exposed to this amazing practice of exercise and well being at an early age, and well let's be frank I am really excited about MY own Hot Yoga kid free!


  1. So cute!! This makes me want to pull out my yoga DVDs and get back to it - what fun!!! S already does downward dog - spontaneously, don't know where she picked it up. It's one of her signature moves while dancing - downward dog and shake her head (and her booty :P)

  2. you have no clue how much I love this. your kids totally rock the downward dog!!

  3. So awesome. It makes me want to pull Cate out of daycare on Thursdays... only I would need a sitter from Maddie... I'll see if I can work something out at the end of November...

    So exciting!