Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finding ways to make the gym more interesting

You know what? Even this gym lover gets bored!

Yep I get bored of the routine of it all.  Like yesterday, it was my strength training day and the thought of spending 50 min lifting weights was not appealing.  Weight training doesn't give me the same 'endorphin' rush that running and other intense cardio activities do.  I have come to enjoy weight training because I can see a change in my abilities week over week and that's very motivating.  I also know that the strength training is a critical part of building lean muscle and hence loosing weight.  But some days it is still a challenge to get myself to the gym to do it.

I've come up with a few ways to make the strength training portion of my workout more fun and thought I would share them with you.

1. By far the best way to make it more enjoyable is do it with a friend.  I have two workout buddies that I get to train with (Jenn and Laura) and those sessions fly by with conversation and giggles.  Jenn and I have even set a goal of doing one chin up, and working on that goal helps make it more 'interesting'.

2. As part of my training I do Strength/Burn workouts that involve doing cardio intervals in between weight exercises to keep the heart rate up (think of more of a circuit training style).  I do things like jumping rope, step ups, jump squats etc.  I find this type of work really gives me that shot of endorphins that I crave.

3.  Look up new exercises online....keep it fresh.  Bored of the same dumbbell chest press?  Look up another exercise to work the same muscles.

4.  Yesterday, I was desperate for something new...something to make it I downloaded some of Jillian Michaels podcasts and listened and LEARNED while I worked out.  I loved it, and the topics were very fitting (protein, workout recovery etc).

5.  This one is a bit silly, but yesterday I noticed callouses on my hands (ok time to get some weight lifting gloves) but that made me feel 'hard core' and kind of motivated me too.  LOL.

PS. my first 'offical' post is up at Losing it in Ottawa :)

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