Thursday, September 15, 2011


In my last post, my good friend and fellow gym rat Laura, suggested a post full of photos of this 'journey' beginning to end.  I went through the pictures I have posted on my blog and created a slideshow.

Here it is...I couldn't figure out how to post the slideshow directly into the post, and frankly I was too lazy.  LOL.

My thoughts after seeing this:

1.  I barely recognize the girl in the pictures in the beginning, it seems like a life time ago.

2.  I am surprised by how 'long' it took for my body to catch up to how I felt inside.  In a lot of the earlier pictures, all though I am still well over 200 pounds, I am kicking ass at the gym.  I am doing things I never thought I could do at my size.  I really felt like an athlete hiding in a fat girl's body.  Goes to show you that size is not an excuse not to go DO IT.

3. No matter what size I am in these pictures the day to day picture is the same.  Its me in the morning, in my workout clothes, the kids in tow, heading to the gym.  Every day!

4.  I never never never want to go back to binging on food, stuffing myself because I can't feed myself with what I am truly hungry for, and letting this beautiful life pass me by.  I don't ever want to stop believing in myself and that I deserve better.  I don't want Kayleigh to say "mom put the chocolate a way" again (she was 3 and yes she did say that and at the time it was very telling... she didn't know it but I did!).

5.  I like that as you look through these pics you see an active girl...again no matter what size!  That makes me smile.

6.  I look pretty goofy in these :)


  1. You are so inspiring! I've been following your journey and I have to say, you're motivation for me. I'm on my own weight loss journey. I got lost over the summer, but I'm back at it now. I'm so darn close to being under 200 again. First time in 4.5 years.
    As I look at your latest pictures I can't help but think "I want that too." You're inspiration to get myself healthier for my boys and myself.
    I wish I had your zest for exercise. I hate it. I do it because I know that's a part of getting healthier, but I don't like it.
    Thank you for motivating me.

  2. I find it mind freaking blowing to flip from the first to the last pic and back again. It's just awesome. My mouse mighta got stuck. I love that you were active too during all of this and look stronger and healthier but smaller but you always looked like an ACTIVE person. good point! thanks for sharing. - Donna


    I find that when I look at "before" pictures like this, everyone's face looks bloated and uncomfortable. It's like the layers make everything awkward and stiff. Almost like your body is holding the real you hostage. It's funny how when you're living it, you don't think this way, but it's only as you progress, shed the pounds, and look back that you realize how free you can feel. Your dedication and determination is SO WORTH IT!