Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Bits

Happy Tuesday!  Thought I would update the old blog with a few random bits:

1.  Worked on the 'SPIDER POSE' (I know that's not its official name but that's what Laura looks like when she does it! Like a girl with supernatural powers transforming into a fricken spider!)  Laura spotted me and I still couldn't get my head up off the ground.  Not giving up though, going to keep trying.

2.  Officially Registered for the 10km race at Rattle Me Bones.  I said my goal was under 1:06 for the race. Well I am going to change that, since I ran 10km Monday, at a personal best of 1:01:40!!!!  So my new goal and I can't believe I am even saying this is under an hour!  I never would have thought that possible 2-3 months ago!
Rattle Me Bones last year...1:09:20..I looked up my official time.  
3.  I haven't bought a scale yet, I looked at some today at the grocery store but was too cheap to put out $50 bucks for one.  So I will wait...or rather Ryan will wait LOL.

4.  I actually registered for a CPR course today!  Its only been on my TO DO list for a month.  Its the last part that I need to officially obtain my Personal Training Certification.  Yes I have been suffering from a serious case of the procrastinators itch.

5.  I've been to the Athletic Club twice in the last week to workout with THREE of my old friends...kind of a little reunion in a way.  It was really cool.  

6. Kasey and I baked CHOCOLATE CHIP BLONDIES that are HEALTHY!! They are made with chic peas of all things! 

7.  Did a guest post over at Kids in the Capital, you can check it out here. 

That's all she wrote!

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