Friday, September 23, 2011

Now what?

I started this week off feeling a little lost, with the completion of a year long goal, the Army Run Half Marathon.  When people asked me about the race at the gym I got all teary talking about it, and even made someone else tear up (drag them down with me I say!).  I guess I was still feeling pretty emotional about it all.  Mid week, I felt 'free'.  I felt free of a training plan and decided to have some fun this week working out and to change it up.  Wednesday the kids and I drove out to Richmond to take a CORE class with one of my favorite trainers EXER SUSIE.  I wasn't disappointed and let me tell you my abs still ache. That night I suggested in a spur of the moment way that Ryan and I go hit a spin class at the gym.  The two of us haven't been on a spin bike in months, and I was worried it would kick our butts.  But I was surprised to find that I needed to keep cranking up the tension to get to the breathless point.  The music in the class was awesome and took me right back to my 20's!  I felt on fire.  We left the gym sweaty, and full of endorphins.  Thursday morning, I took a killer cardio class called BODY ATTACK with my gym rat Laura.  I loved the class, and the instructor was awesome and not just because she brought homemade Date Nuggets to share. This morning I am headed to my favorite Yoga class and then meeting my good friends Mellisa, Stephanie and Tanya, at the Athletic Club this afternoon to try out a new class.  It feels great to mix it up and have some fun....BUT...I miss having a goal.  A goal drives me, empowers me, keeps me on track.  

So its time to set some new goals!

Short Term Goals:

1.  Ryan and I are going to run the 10km at Rattle Me Bones at the end of October.  Last year I ran it in 1hr and 14 min I think.  I would like to run it in under 1hr 6min this year.  So next week I will be back into my running shoes and working on that. 

2.  My friend Jenn and I have a goal of doing ONE CHIN UP.  Our plan is to use the chin assist machine and keep using more of our body weight till we can do one without help.   We will have our cameras ready to capture it before we collapse. 

3.  Strength training 3 times a week from 2.  I want to build more muscle and work on some definition in my muscles.  Which also means eating well to build some muscle in the kitchen.  

4.  I want to do this yoga pose.  (right now I can't get my head up off the ground) 

Long Term Goals:

1.  To launch my own personal training business geared at helping moms like me.  I need to stop procrastinating, build some confidence and can do attitude and GET IT DONE! 

2. Run a FULL MARATHON....don't know when, but since its been on my dream list since high school and I did half of one...I think I had better make this one happen!  


  1. Wow wow wow! I love that you have such great goals, both short-term and long. I have no doubt you will achieve whatever you set your mind to. You are amazing, Katie.

  2. Great goals to have!!! I have no doubt that we will be reading a post about you signing up for a full marathon! NO DOUBT!

  3. We need a planning play date (without kids maybe?) to help you figure out how to reach some of these goals! Also, I'll spot you if you want to give the bridge pose a try. If I can do it, you can definately do it!

  4. You will make an awesome AWESOME trainer Katie. Best of luck with your business! And congrats on the half!!!

  5. LOVE your goals and so happy for all that you have (and will) accomplish. Can't wait to hear about your registering for a marathon. Maybe that one should be in Disney or something. :)

    One of my goals is to go on a two day bike trip. One day one way. Hotel for the night. One day to come back. I even ordered some bike shorts ... now I just need to get a bike! lol


  6. Happy that you set yourself some goals! I know you will achieve them!