Friday, September 16, 2011

Listening to my body...Hunger

2 days to go till the Army Run.  Lots of excitement on Facebook and encouraging messages from friends (thank-you).  I swear every time I think about it I get  the butterflies.  I have changed my training a bit this week to prepare and I think nutritionally my body is trying to prepare me too.  I have been HUNGRY this week.  I have not felt this hungry in sometime.  I am hungry, tummy grumbling hungry, in the afternoon and in the evening it starts up again.  My usual snacks are not cutting it (I eat pretty good snacks, not those empty calorie ones that leave you hungry 10 min later).  So I have listened this week and I am eating more.  I am drinking more water too.  In particular, I am hungry for carbs.  So I have been eating more of those too.  I am trying not to just eat crap food, but to choose things that will fuel me and take care of me.

But I am also feeling a little tired...tired of thinking about how many grams of protein something has, and where am I getting the healthy fats from etc...  I am feeling tired of thinking about "am I making a good choice?"  Tonight I want to just order a bloody pizza and have a few glasses of wine and do it all without 'thinking'.  I read a really good book over a year ago called Women Food and God, and in it she talked a lot about eating what you truly wanted and stopping when your full.  She advocated listening to what our bodies want.  Trust me our bodies do not want most of the crap we think they do!  But yes sometimes they do want a glass of Shiraz.  So I think that as I navigate this healthy life, that I need to let go of the 'disciplined' me a little more often.  This past weekend I enjoyed many a delcious meal, and although it may have been a bit past the point of full I did not go hog wild.  I enjoyed just being present and not online tracking my food as it went in my mouth.  So I am here by prescribing some more 'intuative' eating in my life.

By 'intuative' I mean listening to what I need and eating accordingly.  I am pretty sure my body does not want a WHOLE PIZZA and a BLIZZARD.  But maybe it wants  a bit of pizza, a nice big green salad, and 2 glasses of wine...yeah that sounds about right.  Regardless, the idea isn't to find an excuse to eat crap, or to stuff myself, its to give myself permission to relax and enjoy.

Thanks for listening :)

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