Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Discovering that Wine and Good Food can be part of this Healthy Life

Ryan and I at one of the wineries on Niagara on the Lake
This past weekend Ryan and I spent a very blissful weekend in Niagara on the Lake.  We went with two other couples to celebrate a birthday and our 10th wedding anniversary.  It was an amazing weekend filled with fun and a complete feeling of happiness, that may have been partly due to to the steady diet of delicious wine.
As we left Ottawa we knew we would be heading into an indulgent weekend that was not like our normal day to day lifestyle.  But even then we did our best to inject a little bit of healthy in here and there to maintain some balance.  Friday morning before starting the long car ride there, we each went out and did a quick 5km run.  I literally rolled out of bed at 6:30am and straight out the door.  Somehow having that run in made it easier to just 'relax' once we got there and not worry about how many calories were in this or that.  Trust me we ate far more than we burned on a 5km run, but it helped cement that healthy lifestyle feeling.  We packed some cliff bars in the car so we didn't have to stop and eat fast food junk (well Ryan did LOL).  I brought far to much water to keep hydrated and paid for it when I was reduced to contemplating peeing in a bottle in the car (don't worry we made it to the rest stop but it was painful).    Once we rolled into beautiful Niagara on the Lake, I don't think we waited even 10 min before we had our first glass of wine in hand.  From there on in we ate and drank the most wonderful food and wine.  I didn't stuff myself to uncomfortable, nor did I mindlessly shovel through my food.  I chose the most delicious things and savored them.  I chose wine that brought out the flavours in my food.  I chose food that made my wine sing!  I am telling you it was like a concert!  I can honesty say I didn't feel guilty, I didn't worry or fret about the calories, or undoing all my hard work.  I just lived right there in the present, my mind free and happy.  It was blissful.  The whole weekend had such an air of relaxation like I have not felt in a very long time.  Friday night was a very very late night with a few shenanigans so Saturday morning found us feeling pretty 'hung over'.  Somehow, both Ryan and I did manage to roll out of bed into our running shoes and out the door.  I AM SO GLAD WE DID.   It was a beautiful run along the lake, the air felt simply amazing, and surprisingly it didn't take long for us to feel better.  We had planned on a 10km and didn't quite have it in us so we went for a 5km (plus truth be known we were pretty concerned about making it back in time for our gourmet breakfast LOL).  I know that run was what cured us of our hangover, if we had chosen to lay in bed we would have been feeling sluggish and off all day long.  Instead we returned to the hotel just in time to enjoy another amazing meal and a day of wine tours.  We ended our day Saturday with one of the most incredible meals, in a beautiful restaurant.  After dinner though I was in dire of need of stretchy pants so we all changed out of our finery and into comfy clothes and found a little place by a water fountain to enjoy a bottle of wine.  It was truly magical.  Sunday brought more food and wine. I actually ended the weekend at home with a movie, a glass of red, and some chocolate dessert...hey why not?

All this to say that Monday morning when I stepped on the scale for my weekly weigh in, the number had not changed.  I had not been undone by the weekend.  This is the third weekend this summer that I have done this, gone away and indulged and have not suffered consequences on the scale.  I think its because day to day we live a lifestyle that is very active and we even keep that up while way to a certain extent.  We eat very well at home, the majority of what we eat being very nutritious.  While away although we were indulging we weren't 'binging'.  I think this is key.  The 'old' me would have used it as a free for all to stuff myself with as much food as possible. The 'old' me would have thought this was the last opportunity to eat said food, being stuck in that all or nothing thinking.  But this Katie is learning that a healthy lifestyle can indeed have wine, cheese, and chocolate.  I just can't have a bag of MM's every morning at 10:00am (yikes did I just admit that out loud?).  I have to say I am pretty lucky to have my hubby along for this journey as we set out to lead the best life possible for our family.  Its much easier to make the healthy choices with a partner on board.  He's looking pretty fine isn't he :)  
As cute as when I met him at 16 :)

Having the best day together :) 
Feeling the wine happy here :)
This is after dinner...I am surprised our buttons haven't popped LOL 

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  1. Wonderful! I am so glad you had a great weekend! You show that balance is what we are truly aiming for, and it seems that you have happily achieved it. Celebrations are important and I'm glad you enjoyed yours!