Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I feel AWESOME! I had a great run today.  The kind of run that just lights you up inside and makes you feel like you swallowed a bottle of prozac.  I ran 8km on the treadmill, in the hill interval program (level 6).  Which means that you basically run one minute flat and then one minute on an incline.  The incline varies from 1.6 to 5%, building up and coming back down and then repeating all over again.  I love these runs, the flat incline is enough of a rest to give you the power to get up the hill.  Today I ran 7.25ish KM of the run at 6.0 mph.  I usually struggle to keep that pace on a flat run.   I seem to have gained some speed and power and am doing better than ever before. I think part of it is that I am doing more 'explosive' types of training.  Like plyometrics in the "Strength Burn" workout, intense cardio sessions like Jacob's Ladder, Body Attack and work on the treadmill.  My body is getting better at working in the anaerobic energy system.

Usually this is the part where I say I want to bottle this feeling of AWESOMENESS up and hand it out to my friends.  But I don't think I need to.  Something is changing with the fall air, a change is coming, and people are catching on!

Just in the last week I have had a friend join the gym, another set some serious goals, one start running again and sign up for a 5km race, another sign up for her first race ever, Laura's pushing herself harder then ever before and husband is doing his first race and a 10km at that, Jenn is running her 2nd half marathon, and thinking about a third in the next couple of months, Ryan is back on his game his knee is strong and ran 5km in 28 min today. The list goes on and on (Peggy! Alysia! Jenn. B etc)...of people out there pushing themselves to achieve things that perhaps they never thought possible.

In the words of my favorite exercise GURU...Exer Susie!  "EVERBODY AWESOME!"


  1. You're awesome too!! Spread the awesome.. it does seem to be contagious! If every action creates ripples, then let's join the movement to create positive ripples around us :)

  2. Yes, you're right. There's something in the air... I think I'll bottle that and take some home with me. Although I wouldn't say no to a helping of your awesomeness, too :)