Monday, September 26, 2011

Are you ready?

I wanted to share one of the many reasons why I love my husband.  Today he asked me: "Are you ready to have a scale in the house?"  You see last year, I threw our scale out.  Not because it was broken, it worked just fine but because it was driving me insane, or rather I was driving myself insane.  Now Ryan is going nuts having to weight himself at the gym, and not even always the same gym or scale.

You know what I am ready!  I think the scale and I can be friends as long as we set up some ground rules.

1.  Its a personal thing but I don't want to let my little girls see me weigh myself.  I don't think its wrong if they see me stand on it, if they know that the scale measures how much someone weighs.  Its just that for me and with 'my history' I would rather they not see me weigh myself and I don't want them to ever hear me talk about being fat or loosing weight or any of that nonsense.

2.  No more than one weighing a day!  Non of this bouncing on and off the scale dancing through out the day.

3.  If at any point the scale makes me feel less then worthy of AWESOME...I get to kick its metal ass!  and I take a break from it.

4.  I remember always that it is just a number and a number that can change so easily with water retention, 'a big fat poo', the time of day...etc....I remember its JUST A NUMBER even when I like the number :)

So in non scale victories (I love these), I have one to share.  Getting ready for church yesterday, I thought for 'fun' I would try on a skirt that my friend Gwen had given me.  It's a size 10 and didn't fit 3 weeks ago (could not even begin to get the zipper up).  Guess what it FITS!  and I love it.   I love wearing skirts, I had forgotten how much I like them.  I felt so girly and airy (yep nice fall breeze LOL). I couldn't resist getting this silly picture taken.
You know I really need some new shoes....


  1. lists are good...rules are good....follow your rules and it won't even be an issue.....

    PS you DO need new shoes!! Something funky to match your spirit!!!

  2. I could read your posts all day Katie, you are such an inspiration and you look beyond fab girlfriend!

  3. Oh my goodness, you're disappearing! LOL
    Seriously girl, you look amazing!

  4. You do look amazing! I like your rules... :)