Wednesday, September 14, 2011

702 miles

4 days till the Army Run Half Marathon.  I am ready!  I am excited!  Every time I think about it I get a major case of the tummy butterflies, I have no idea how I will sleep Saturday night and hold breakfast down Sunday morning.  I have trained so hard for this.  I want this so bad.  I can't even imagine how it will feel crossing that finish line....I am tearing up just thinking about this.  I am thinking of the run I did one year ago, the 5km, where my shirt barely fit, and I was around 240 pounds.  I remember thinking watch this fat girl run, because she's going to go far.....702 miles...since I first laced up my shoes a year and a bit ago :)
702 miles.....stronger, fitter, healthier, happier with each step!


  1. Katie you look so strong and beautiful!!! Good luck on Sunday....I know you will do amazing in the run. Wish I was running it with you :-)

  2. You. Are. So. Awesome! GO KATIE!

  3. Look at YOU! Strong, healthy, and if I may say so dahling, you look mahhhvelous :). Truly inspiring.

  4. You look so AWESOME! Strong. Fit. Athletic. Fierce. Confident. Proud.

    I'm so sad that I won't be there to cheer you on, but you can rest assured that I'll be thinking of you all day on Sunday. Pretty please update on Ryan's bb as soon as you're done.

    Next week, I want a post with nothing but the images of you from start to finish. Get Ryan to turn it into a video for you. Let's see the transformation all together - it's incredible!

  5. like heather, i got goosebumps reading that... you are a real champion..
    a champion for yourself, for your kids and for everyone and every woman around you...
    go get 'em champ!

  6. Yeah! You are going to rock it!!! You look amazing and more importantly you have done it all the healthy way and feeling good! You are so inspirational! Go Katie Go!

  7. Katie, you are looking hot. Don't worry about sleeping on Saturday night - you probably won't. Try instead to get a really good sleep on Friday night. I'll try to look for you on Sunday, but with 10,000 people, I probably won't find you. We'll be there early because 2 of my girls are doing the 5k.

  8. Awesome. I know you will do great!