Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What goes up must come down

We actually did this :) Image source

Having a down day today, which is kind of funny considering I spent the morning literally swinging from the rafters in an Anti Gravity Yoga Class.   I guess what goes up must come down.  I loved the class it was fun, a bit scary, very challenging, and it felt good to let go of the fear and just go for it.  I loved hanging upside down giggling with my friend Laura.   After our swinging adventures we had a picnic with the kids and relaxed a bit.  But by the time I got home I was drained.  I treated myself to a bath, while the kids played and then still feeling tired I convinced them that they should do my hair.  I sat on my bed reading my book while they played ‘hair dresser’ on me.  (I need to do a post one of these days on my lazy parenting ideas, how to relax while the kids play.)  'Hair dresser' lolled me into a sleep and my head started to bob, so I told the kids that if they let Mommy sleep for 20 min I would take them to the park and ACTUALLY push them on the swings.   The nap was ok, as good as napping gets when the kids are crawling on you and you have to wake up to break up a fight.  I have come through on my end and we are at the park now while I type up this post, even pushed the kids on the swings.

The thought of making dinner tonight feels like a mountain of a chore, especially since doing so would involve going to the grocery store.  I feel like I am grocery shopping almost every day.  I want to be lazy and go out for dinner tonight.   Now the trick is to find something ‘healthy’ to eat.   Its days like this, when I am tired, that I just want to throw all this healthy stuff to the wind, eat a plate of carbs, and forget the protein.  But I know that doing so will just make me feel more tired and crappy.  So I will compromise with going out for dinner saving myself the job of making it and will enjoy a healthy meal that someone else has made.  I also a have a feeling that today will be one of those days where I end up in bed at the same time as the kids, oh well.  

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  1. I had a lot of fun this morning - thanks for suggesting it! On days like you're describing, I think "What is the healthiest thing that makes me feel like I have the night off?" Subway usually wins. Sometimes its vietnamese - Pho or Vermicelli Chicken. It's not super bad...