Friday, August 5, 2011

The plan

Tomorrow is the much anticipated and dreaded long slow run day.  I have to say that all though I have worked out hard this week (6 workouts and its only Friday) I haven't racked up much in terms of milage.  In fact I have only gotten 10km in all week.  I just haven't been in the running mood this week, other than a very fun 5km run Tuesday with my friend Jenn.  I'm ok with that, I really mixed things up this week and had fun.  I did a great circuit Tuesday, an awesome outdoor fitness class Wednesday, and a very challenging Hot Yoga class today.  But tomorrow is the day...the long slow run.  Last week I reached my longest distance of 16km but I did so on the comfort of the treadmill.  So this week I need a plan.  I put a post on Facebook to get some tips from my fellow long distance running friends and got some great ideas on stashing water bottles on route, taking an energy drink in my fuel belt, and even using salt tabs (which I haven't purchased yet but intend on doing).  So here's the plan, its a half way plan, one that allows me to bail along the way if need be.  You see to further complicate things I got sick yesterday.  I spent the day yesterday struggling to breathe, feeling like a vice was tightening around my chest when I breathed deeply.  (I've had a minor cold all week) I thought I had just pulled muscles in my chest and upper back lifting weights, but a visit to the Dr. last night revealed constricted lungs and wheezing.  I got some inhalers (which I use fairly regularly in the winter due to mild asthma) and by some miracle awoke this morning feeling fine!  I am breathing today without any difficulty.  But I did struggle in yoga today and didn't have near the stamina and strength I usually have. So my plan tomorrow is to run the 5km route from my house and lap 3 times, giving me 15km if I complete it.  On each lap I can refuel with water, when my fuel belt runs out.  The beauty is I can run as far as it feels good.  I am going to say it here, so you can hold me to it.  I AM GOING TO LISTEN TO MY BODY TOMORROW.  If I can can only run 5km so be it.  If its more great.  That's right Mom :)  

And for fun I took a pic of myself..LOL...going out tonight and I did my hair on my own for the first time since I got it cut...not to  Like the cut above my eye, I think it gives me that BAD ASS look....kind of like it. 

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