Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Beginnings

Ryan's parents passed away a few years ago and the family cottage has been passed down onto Ryan and his sister.  The cottage hasn't been inhabited by anyone but mice for 5 years, given that his Mom was in treatment for Cancer prior to passing away, no one was up for cottage time.  Fate can be cruel and less then a year after Ryan's mom passed away from Cancer, his Father also died due to complications from Cancer.  Boom your parents are gone.  Not to long after that, Cancer raised its ugly head again and Ryan's sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I am happy to say that there is at least one happy ending to this sad story and that is that Ryan's sister has kicked cancer's ugly ass and is back to her red headed troublesome (wink) self.  
So now 5 years later we have gone back to the cottage to assess the 'damage' and clean it out.  We spent this past Sunday gutting the inside of the cottage.  We had a huge dumpster, that we thought we would never fill, and well you guessed it we had it over flowing.  We dumped everything, the beds, mattreses, furniture, bedding, literally everything.  Almost every surface was covered in a layer of mice poop.  Oh the smell, it was horrendous.  There were live mice still scurrying about, which provided much entertainment when Ryan's sister would start screaming and running out of the cottage.  I won't lie it was an awful job, I have never been so sweaty, dirty and grossed out in my life BUT we had fun.  We banded together as a family and got it done with humour and antics galore.  It felt good and so did the jump in the lake after.  Never has the lake felt so crisp and CLEAN. 

After we filled the dumpster we sat down for a much deserved beer break and started to talk.  We talked about taking down the cottage all together (there isn't much left to save) and building a new one.  We started to picture this next generation of Squires' holding thanksgiving on the lake, spending the summers having 'Wing Dings' and getting into shenanigan's with the crazy neighbors.  This is a new beginning for us in so many ways and one that I am very excited about.   So Thanksgiving 2012, the plan is to be carving the turkey in the new cottage and devouring Pat's famous stuffing.  


  1. Love it and Im so loving you cottage pins on pinterest. Gorgeous!

  2. Awesome! I can't wait to see the project unfold, and of course the final product!