Monday, August 8, 2011

Doing my best to listen....

Well my long run was shelved completely this weekend.  The vice in my chest returned with a vengeance and I took TWO DAYS OFF.  It was really hard to take those two days off (especially given that I had taken Monday off too), says the girl that was back running 2 days after 26 stitches, and ran with 2nd degree burns on her leg rubbing against her shorts, and runs through allergies and colds.  I have had a no excuses kind of attitude on this running thing, afraid that if I stop and let the excuses take hold I won't get back on track.  But I am also just as afraid of hurting myself and not making my dream of those 21km on Sept 18th come to fruition.  So I listend to my body (ok really I was listening to my mother) and I rested.  Not only did I rest, but I ate, I ate a little more than normal, and enjoyed a lovely dinner Sunday night.  I also slept, I went to bed early and I napped.  All this to say that when I awoke this morning I felt much improved and without any pain when breathing.  I felt well enough to run.  So this morning I hit the treadmill with the intention of putting in an hour, and going as slow as I needed to go.  I went slow, I am pretty sure I would not have passed that turtle today, and I even stopped and walked a few times.  I wasn't sick enough not to run but I wasn't comfortable by any means.  But I did it.  Sometimes, I do think we need to push through, its part of what makes us stronger.  Once the run was over I felt fine.  But I did exit the gym and walk straight across the hall to my Dr's office and book an appointment for Tuesday.  I don't want to wait this out, if antibiotics or something are needed to get better quicker I am not waiting.  So the point of my ramble this morning, is that despite my whining about my lack of running and feeling poorly I do have good news.  I got on the scale this morning and I have maintained last weeks 5lb weight loss.  I have lost 72lbs!  Taking 3 days off last week, and even indulging a bit didn't send me packing on the pounds.   Getting on the scale and seeing that made me breathe easier, I can relax, taking time off and listening to my body really is the right thing to do.  I may be a slow learner but I am learning, wink.

I took this pic last Friday, heading out for some fun with friends, I love these jeans, they make me feel GOOD :) LOL


  1. I am totally tearing up with happiness for you! You look so good and you are being so smart! I AM SO BEYOND PROUD OF YOU KATIE! :)

    Love you!

  2. THOSE JEANS MAKE YOU LLLLLOOOOOOKKKKK GOOOD!!! not just FEEl good! I admit I was watching you "walk away" and thinking to myself, "man, her ass looks so tiny and great in those jeans"!!! :) ;)

  3. Ah yes, those jeans. I couldn't keep my hands off them on Friday. LOL. Katie, you're an inspiration. Truly. <3

  4. 72 POUNDS???????????? thats amazing. you look amazing ... and all i wanted to do was rub you on friday. musta been those jeans!!!!! hahahaha. keep it up.

    - mell

  5. Awesome Katie, surely an inspiration to say the least! You look good in them jeans!