Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A collection of sorts

My little cut above the eye...OOPS
It would seem that I have started a little collection of sorts, a collection of dumb ass injuries!  It was only two weeks ago that I posted about slipping during a plank and hurting my shoulder.  That one at least was a more 'athletic' type of injury.  Tonight not so athletic in nature, although I was getting ready for a fitness class.  I was out at the car getting my water bottle and somehow when opening the door stuck my head in the way!  BANG!  SOME SWEAR WORDS.  It hurt like hell but I thought it was just a head bump until I felt something dripping.  Oh dear, off to the house and a mirror to find a cut above my eye.  I panicked a bit at first and thought that maybe I might need stitches.  Funny thing is I was less worried about needing stitches then I was about potentially missing out on the class that we were leaving for in a few minutes. The bleeding stopped so I slapped on a bandaid and off we went.  I mean really, how did my head get in the way of the door?  I think its because we have a car now instead of a van and its lower and I am not used to the height difference.  Yeah that must be it.  But it doesn't end there, last night I was getting ready to go out for a run with a friend and I banged my foot really hard on our class table.  (I feel the need to mention that this is the same glass table I stood on a year ago and shortly after received 26 stitches).  Oh man it hurt.  5 min before a run and my foot is throbbing.  It still feels weird today.  Best part is I am always laughing at our dog for running into the glass table.  I guess I am not any smarter after all.  Have I mentioned the big scar on my leg from dropping hot tea on myself within the last year and getting 2nd degree burns?  I am truly a collection dumb-ass injuries!
I worry, I really do, about getting hurt.  I worry about knee injuries, pulled muscles, strains, things that could bench me before the big half marathon.  I do, I think about these things often.  But it would seem that what I should be worried about is that large immobile object looming in front of me that I am about to slam into!  Yes, as a friend mentioned, I may need to start wearing pillows and a helmet.

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