Monday, August 15, 2011

4 weeks to go

Looking at the calendar this morning and the butterflies are stirring in my tummy.  There are 4 weekends left before the Army Run!  FOUR!  This past weekend I went out of town for my sisters wedding and planned accordingly by doing my long run the Friday morning before we left.  I ran 15km, 3 laps of a 5km route in the neighborhood.  I didn't plan as well as I would of liked for it.  I got out of bed at 6am, drank a protein smoothie and headed out the door 45min later.  I went with only my fuel belt and the four little water bottles it holds.  Luckily it wasn't hot out and I didn't even finish all of that water.  I had meant to buy fuel gels or at least some sports drink the day before, but last minute wedding errands got in the way.   I had a good run, but definitely felt sluggish in the last 5km.  I would really like to feel what its like to run with the extra fuel source.  So this week I will go by the running room and stock up on essentials including the salt tablets that my friend recommended.
So the running plan this week is to put in 8km at a good clip today, strength Tuesday, 10km with hills on Wed, Thursday strength and a short run 4-5km, Fri YOGA, and a long slow run of 16-17km Sat.  Oh and number one on the list, is to stay injury free.  Listening to my body, resting, fueling, and stretching, are all number one right now.
Will be running off all the wedding cannolis I ate this week LOL!


  1. You'll rock it cause you are awesome!

  2. amazing, you are plain amazing Katie :)

  3. I absolutely love your dress and I am so inspired by you to really get moving again!