Saturday, August 20, 2011

17.6km...can't freaking believe it

Taken just after my run, not to sweaty surprisingly I think talking to the Jehova witnesses outside my door cooled me down LOL.

I DID IT...longest run yet 17.6 km in 2 hours 29min (about that my phone died, so I went with time on the microwave when I left the house).  I have to tell you I was really nervous this morning before I left.  I had the butterflies eating my breakfast and getting ready to go almost as bad as on a race day.  I was worried that my knee would hurt, and would have to stop because of that.  I hit the road and for the first 10 min my mind was on my knee analyzing every feeling and acting paranoid.  My knee felt fine, my muscles were still a little tight but I felt like if I started slow and got into the groove I would loosen up.  I finally clued into the fact that I was making myself crazy, and just let go and settled in to enjoy the run.  I had done all that I could, I felt fine all day Friday, I rested, I stretched, I was good to go.  If I felt pain I would stop but until then just go slow and enjoy it.

I did enjoy it, it felt good.  I really do love running.  I even took the long route out on Woodroffe on the bike path, now that I am all geared up with larger water bottles, Gatorade, and my running jelly beans.  It felt so good to be off the treadmill and actually moving outdoors.  It was cool out and a breeze kept me cool.  About 40 min in, I got my jelly beans out (I can't tell you how excited I was to much on jelly beans! LOL)  and snacked away.  In my mind if you could have seen me eating them it would of looked like me pulling a giant pack of 'FANCY FUEL' out and CHEWING REALLY LOUDLY on them so anyone walking, biking, running by me would see how 'COOL' I was and that I must be running really far!  LOL  Sometimes, I think I should make a t-shirt that says 'Going for...blank distance' so maybe I could get some people cheering me on.  But all silliness aside, I am really lucky and do have a big cheerleading squad behind me.  This morning I was totally, lifted up by my friends on Facebook with their well wishes for a good run.  I can't express my gratitude enough, every blog comment, FB message that you guys send me, adds  fuel to my fire and pushes me further.  I am really blessed to have such great friends.  Thank-you guys!



  2. Yay Katie! Amazing!

    PS: You look fantastic!

  3. You look freakin' darn amazing Katie!

  4. I cant believe you ran for TWO AND A HALF hours - forgot the distance. lol That's just insanity in my eyes. So proud of you for reaching the goals you set for yourself. You're going to knock the Army Run out of the park.

    ~ Mell


  6. You look so lean and fit in that picture - Awesome! Yay for your run, although I had no doubt in my mind that you could do it.