Monday, July 18, 2011

Running skirt

My new skirt, avert the eyes from the squishy middle :) LOL

I have been dreaming about a running skirt for a year now, every since I saw the fabulous Cathy Z sporting one on her blog.  Cathy has played a huge role in inspiring me and continuing to inspire me to keep my feet moving.  She looked so damn cute in the skirt!  Cute, fit and athletic… oh how I wanted to be her in that skirt.  Well almost a year later and my own butt finally fits in one of those little skirts.  This is going to be my lucky skirt, the skirt that I cross the finish line in on Sept 18th
Thank-you Cathy for all of your Daily Mile posts and MMEL blog posts that keep me moving to the beat of my feet. 

PS.  ran my fastest 8km today, at a pace of 10:37...just wait till I try running with this skirt on....ZOOOOOM :)


  1. Awesome! Cute, fit, superwoman... GO you!

  2. WAHOOOOOOOO! How cute do you look in that?