Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ottawa City Chase

Just before the race starts, butterflies turning, and excitement building 
Yesterday, Ryan and I and our friends Rob and Laura participated in the Ottawa City Chase!  It was an amazing adventure of a day.  The race started off with a long ass speech (when your excited, and nervous and raring to go the last thing you need is a long ass speech LOL)   that ended with the instructions to pick up our clue sheets at a field (I don't even remember the name).  BOOM 550 teams of two start to RUN!.....So we followed thinking they know where they are going.  We got our sheet sat down and started to figure out what to do.  I have to tell you my heart was racing, my mind was a jumble...and I didn't even think to turn the sheet over to the other side (full of mandatory chase points) until after we had run to our first chase point.  OOPS.  We took pics of the clues posted them to our friends on Facebook that were helping us (huge thank-you girls) figure out the clues, and I called my friend Mell who ended up on the phone with us through the whole thing as our INTEL WOMAN :)   With all the excitement and craziness of the race it was really easy to forget details.  Details like that the first chase point we chose to run to wasn't open till 11:00am.  OOPS.  Bit of a disappointment but we moved on.  We soon found one in Ottawa U and did an orienteering challenge that took about 25 min or so.  It was hard, but we lucked out and teamed up with a great team that made it much easier.  We shared 'intel' with the our new friends and parted ways.   Next we ran up to Main St and did a cool challenge where Ryan pulled a car, I pushed from behind with another person, and someone steered.  We had to get the car two do two 3-point turns and park it.  Just prior to the start of this challenge I lost our clue sheet (insert panic) but right after the challenge I spotted it across the street and dashed for it before it blew away.  I ran back to Ryan and a new team came up and asked us if we would do the car challenge with them.  You need two teams to do the challenge, I thought about saying no as we just did it and wanted to move on, but I had just lucked out big time finding our lost sheet and thought time to return the favour.  So we pulled and pushed once more.  I have to tell you that helping them out was one of my top moments in the race, it felt really good.  Our good deed was rewarded though and they pointed out a chase point  2 min away that we didn't know about, it was super easy and we got a VIP PASSING LANE CARD that came in handy later on. From there with more help from our INTEL WOMAN MELL we ran to Brewer Park.  We checked the bus route and the run route and running had us saving 20 min so we went for it.  The run there was hard, the heat was really starting to settle in, and so was all the excitement.  But we did it and got there in really good time.  At this point my phone rings and its our friends Rob and Laura!  They had done 7 chase points!  Ummmm we had 3? SHIT! LOL.  So on we went.   First we played some frisbee, which upon seeing Ryan shook his head knowing how bad I am at stuff like that.  But I surprised us both by doing pretty good (thankfully Ryan can catch like a Golden Retriever!).  Then we found the mandatory chasepoint which was a roller derby obstacle course. There was a 45 min wait in line, so we whipped out our VIP pass and headed in.  That was SWEET.  We donned very sweaty gross padding, helmets, and skates and headed out onto the rink.  My heart was pounding.  I hate roller skates!  But I sucked it up and went for it, unsteady and slow I made my way through the course.  Ryan whipped around it like a pro and was asked to come out and REF!  Me I wobbled back to my running shoes.  There was a bathroom in the rink so we took advantage.  This was my one and only pee during the 5 hour race and we drank A LOT of WATER.  Goes to show you just how much we sweated out! From there we headed to Preston St for some boxing and again, checked the bus and run routes and opted to run.  On this route we got to run by the canal by dow's lake and it was glorious (another top moment).  At the boxing place Ryan did 300 punches on the bag, while I did 100 kicks, then we split up the knee kicks.  It was an easy challenge, they didn't care much about a well executed kick so we just flubbered our way though quickly.  At the end of this challenge we were getting tired...lots of running, no food, the heat, I was starting to feel wobbly.  We headed to a close by chase point where we had to look at the 'china town' sign and identify and count stuff.  I had no energy and I was sweating sunscreen into my eyes.  So we basically guessed our way through the answers.  48? no...49?..higher....60?  Yep!  That was kind of how it went.  I know lame, but they were really nice and punched our bib.  From there we started to head to the pump house, and on the way there clued into the fact that 3:00 was approaching and at that point mandatory chase points were no longer needed.  So we decided to change tactics and head back downtown and complete our last 2 points close to the finish line and cross at 3:00 with our 10 points.  We started walking and running our way back, Ryan's knee was getting sore.  He had just finished up 3 weeks of physio for a knee injury, so when a bus came by we happily hopped on.  We were on for less than 5 min and downtown and ready for our next challenge.  We headed to the Rideau Club only to find a dark empty floor....OOPS.  So we moved on, and headed to the Queen St. Goodlife where we rode a bike for 7 min.  Easy peasy.  From there they pointed us to the Rideau Centre Goodlife where we had to burn 200 cals.  Then it was a sweet short distance to the finish line, where we literally crossed with our buddies from the first challenge!  We made it in the top 100 and in just over 5 hours!  Our friends Rob and Laura made the top 80!    Sweaty, Thirsty, and Happy we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe for the after party and BEERS!

19.8km traveled mostly by foot (running and walking) to complete an urban adventure!  AMAZING!  I went to bed last night, feeling so damn proud of what our bodies accomplished today.  I feel strong and healthy and ready to take on this wonderful life!   
Zumba warm up
Ryan doing Zumba :) 
This should have been our Team Shirt LOL
Ryan getting ready to pull the car!


  1. YOU GUYS ARE ROCKSTARS!!!! UNBELIEBABLE KATIE!! And Mell, what a great friend you are helping out all day!! sounds like a wonderful story to tell and share....hope to hear more!!! congratulations!

  2. that would be unbelievable....he he

  3. That's awesome! What a riot, and what an accomplishment!! Good for you!