Sunday, July 10, 2011


This is ‘me’ at my parents house, in beautiful Norland, showered, rehydrated and no longer cursing the HILLS of Norland.  Today was a tough run.  I went out and did 15km in the heat, with lots of hills and one really tough one in particular.  I got up at 7 this morning and ate breakfast so I would have enough energy for the run, and packed a lot of water in.  I also got in the car and went and marked out the 7.5km turn around point on the highway, as I can't use my nike+ anymore.  I even contemplated writing YOU CAN DO IT on the road with my chalk but settled for scribbles in case a car came by while I was writing.  I went out with my fuel belt that holds four little water bottles and I had a water bottle in hand too.  5km in I was struggling, the heat was really getting to me, as I am not used to running in it.  I was jugging back the water and tackling the hills as best I could.  This was the first run, where my mind really struggled with ‘am I going to be able to do this?’.  If I didn’t complete it, it wouldn’t be because of a sore knee or injury it would be because of my mind hitting the brick wall (and maybe a little bit my body slamming into it too).  I was nearing the turn about point and anxiously looking for my chalk marker, when I didn’t see it I worried that it had rubbed away or I had worse yet passed it.  When I finally came upon it, I was practically in tears.  That turn around point is such a mental relief, the rest of the run all though hard was mentally much easier from there.  As my mind quieted and I settled into the run and the hills, I got the goosebumps thinking of this body of mine and what it was doing.  After all the years of abuse, disordered eating, binge eating, and hating it, my body had not given up on me.  I have learned to love my body again. To treat it well and with respect and in return it is giving me so much back!  Then I realized that it was even more than that that my body is truly a gift from God and that in honoring my body I am honoring his gift and being blessed in so many ways.  I know this part sounds all ‘GODy’ and well it is Sunday :)  But those of you that know me, know that I have a deep spiritual connection to God and I can feel him at work in my life.  Out there on the road this morning when I was finally able to let go of all the fear and worry I was able to open myself up to his love and I truly felt it in my steps.  About 2.5 km from my parent’s house I ran out of water and took the liberty of calling my mom on my cell for help.  She was so sweet and drove out some water and a sugary koolaid for me.  It was so cool to have her come in and hand me some refreshment.  I jugged down that sweet liquid like it was heaven, while it dripped all over me.  I even threw a bottle of water over my back.  A wave good bye and I was off for the last 2.5 km.  I surprised by how much more energy I had in the last bit and pounded it back home.  I can’t tell you how much of an accomplishment today was for me.  I over came a big mental block that almost had me quitting, and I learned that I love this body of mine, strong, and capable.  


  1. Oh my, I love this!
    I have issues with running with my Garmin. It's a love/hate thing. I put it away for a bit, knowing it was causing me to run faster than I should, risking injury, etc. It's so much nicer without focusing on pace... No pressure, just positivity. :)

  2. look at you! Great job!!! thank goodness for moms!!! lol

  3. Katie .... WOW! I know the struggles you have faced and I think it was great that you came across a mental block attempt .. I think it's great cuz you just proved to yourself that it's not just your body that has strengthen .. I think it's important for us to be reminded every now and then that there is something that can always knock us down if we let it ... makes us work harder and fighter back! KWIM??? Many milestones that day hunny .. and you look like a million bucks! Love you bunches!