Thursday, July 28, 2011


I feel like its the night before a race.  I have the butterflies and am totally nervous about going for my run tomorrow morning.  I want to attempt 16 km, my longest distance yet.  In reality its only one km longer than my previous longest run and I will be running it in the flats of Barhaven and not the HILLY ARSE hills of Norland.  But still I am nervous.  Can I do it?  And how do I do it.  What route do I take. My fuel belt only holds 4 little water bottles not enough for that length of time.  I don't want to carry a water bottle.  Do I loop by my house half way and fill up?  ughhh....part of me is tempted to just go to the gym and run it on the treadmill as boring as that would be.  I think I am just going to wake up and do what I feels right at the time.  Wish me luck.

PS.  I enjoyed a big ass bowl of pasta tonight and had seconds, not sure if the old tales of carb loading are worth a damn but I thought I would give it a try. WINK.

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