Thursday, July 28, 2011

Morning Debates

This might come us a surprise to some given how excited and positive I usually am about going to the gym and exercising, but most mornings upon waking I think 'FARK the GYM TODAY!"  I wake up not by choice because of the kids or the dog, I drag my tired body downstairs and I think..."ahhh I feel stiff, oh I am tired...this or that is sore."  I feel like an old lady most mornings for the first 15-20 min and then once the body limbers up I am usually back to my exercise loving self.  But let me tell you that for those first 15min I am engaged in a serious debate with myself about whether or not I should go to the gym that morning.  I'm glad to say that the gym usually wins that one.  

Today I am wrestling with what kind of workout to have.  I follow a schedule of sorts that is pretty flexible.

Monday: I usually run at the gym on the treadmill (most runs other than on the weekend are done here) its a shorter run, at a faster pace (5-8km), sometimes its speed intervals.  I run with a 1-1.5% incline on the treadmill.  I have been really good at stretching after my runs of late too (kind of proud of that as its something I uses to struggle with.) 

Tuesday is weight training, and right now that involves working the full body for about an hour.  I use free weights, some machines, some body weight exercises, and end on the mat for a good core workout. I have been lifting fairly heavy weights with less reps, and a bigger rest between sets.   I find I am very hungry and tired after these workouts.  I yawn a lot on Tuesdays.  

Wednesday is another run day.  I usually do some form of hills on Wednesday.  I run anywhere from 8-10km again on the treadmill.  I really like using the classic hills program and running hill intervals (level 4-7) or just adding in random hills for a song or 1 min interval periods.  I am likely crazy and really enjoy running the hills, I like the way they make me feel (strong and powerful).  

Thursday is another strength training day.  For the past month I have been back at PUMP, doing a endurance, burn, toning type of workout.  

Friday I usually do a yoga class at the gym.  I have really come to enjoy the way yoga makes my body feel.  Its a much different workout than the others.  I love challenging myself to get deeper in a pose or to hold it longer.  I love how I can feel my body becoming more flexible and balanced.  I believe yoga and the bits of it that I have carried over to my stretching after running have really helped in keeping me injury free so far.  

Saturday is my long slow run day.  I either run in Barhaven, or out at my parents in HILLY ASS NORLAND, or on the treadmill (which stops once you hit 60 min and you have to start the bugger up again.)  Right now I am running 13-15km.  This week I am hoping for 16.  I like this run a lot, its at a very comfortable pace, and when I run it outside the time goes by much faster and I dare say it enjoyable as long as it not hot out.  

Sunday is either a rest day or I go back to the gym and do a strength workout on just my upper body.  

So there you have it, that's what most weeks look like.  I change it up a bit of course depending on what we are doing on the weekends.  This week I added a spin class in Monday night, and last week I added a Hot Yoga class Sunday.  I like to keep it fun and interesting.  (is anyone rolling there eyes yet? LOL)

But back to the question at hand what to do today? Our activities this weekend are throwing a wrench into the plans. So I am going to do my LSD (long slow distance) run on Friday.  Which means I don't want to do anything too taxing today.  But I also want to get my strength training in, which is further complicated by a shoulder injury.  I got the go ahead to do weights last night by my Dr. as long as I don't do shoulder work and stop if I feel any pain.  So I think I will do an upper body workout and leave my lower alone as that will take the brunt of the work attempting 16km tomorrow morning.  But I am also thinking that staying home and scrapbooking sounds awfully good too.  Its a waffling kind of morning (if just for a moment).  

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  1. Glad you made it out - I had a great workout :)