Friday, July 8, 2011

Like minds

I've mentioned this awesome blog called Losing it in Ottawa before, they have been a big part of my morning coffee and blog time over the last year.  Well they recently started a group on Facebook (that anyone can join) and I have finally found a place where I can yabber non stop about getting enough protein, discussing runs, and my love/hate relationship with the scale.  I love that a group of like minded people, that are fighting the battle not to stop at Dairy Queen on the way home, and finding their way to healthier self can share and encourage one another.  I think sometimes I might drive my friends a bit nuts talking about working out, for all I know they have 'hidden' my daily mile posts on Facebook.  That's not true, they are actually very supportive, but I do feel 'guilty' if I talk to much about running and working out.  I feel like I hold back for fear of boring them or sounding boastful. But the truth is I am so excited and in love with being active and getting fit and long to talk about it.
So if your in Ottawa, or even if your not and want a place to talk about loosing weight and getting fit, a place with loads of support and tips please come check out Losing it in Ottawa on Facebook.  

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  1. You're right. it is a great group - and very active!