Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grumpy Girl

Ok so remember that post a few posts back about food and how all this healthy food is making me feel happy and great?  I likely looked like this while writing that post.
Happy Me, pumped up on my berry, greek yogurt smoothie and fish oil for Kayleigh's Birthday.  MMMM
Well this is a more accurate picture of me currently.

Ryan took this picture of me while out for dinner last night, I think that's my "For the love of God take the dessert away" face.

So here is where I am today.  Its 15 to 10 at night.  I am not hungry.  I have not snacked tonight.  I ate healthy all day long, I worked out hard, I fueled up with high power food, and I turned down fries and ice cream at the water park (ok I ate 3 fries and few licks of ice cream LOL).  But I feel grumpy.  In fact I have felt grumpy since Sunday.  Maybe it because we are on vacation and I haven't indulged in the usual ways that I would.  Maybe its because we are on vacation and I have deviated a little from the 'plan' eating more than usual, drinking beer and wine, and having some treats.  What happened to the girl who started this get fit program eating what she pleased, enjoying ice cream and wings if she felt so inclined?  What happened to the girl who went on a cruise and exercised and ate healthy but also indulged without guilt and didn't gain any weight? Where is the happy, feel good, I am working my butt off literally at the gym and don't need to stress the food bit girl?  Said girl is occupied by finding a way to fit protein into her meal and making a mess all over the counter blending another farking smoothie.

I was at a family function last week, and telling my sister in law about my latest adventures in protein (pretty exciting stuff) and she said something that kind of stuck with me, she said I can be a bit 'obsessive'.  Who me?  Its not like I only talk about scrapbooking, kids and working out? Oh wait I do!   So that being said, I think I have made some great discovereis on the nutrition side that are going to help me get to where I ultimately want to be, BUT I also need to RELAX and eat a flipping piece of cake and down it with a cold beer and just let it be.

I workout hard, really hard.  I love it.  I love the sweat, the burn, the accomplishment, the high.  The exercise piece comes really easily for me.  I have been successful in loosing weight because of this.  But I think if I tackle the food part of this venture with the same attitude I am going to end up in the crazy place.  I have learned some really good things about what I should be choosing to eat.  But I also need to relax and not be 'obsessive' about it.  I really don't like how grumpy I have felt this week, and stressed.  The craziest part is that 'stress' can actually make you gain weight.  So you see I think I am farther ahead if I eat that cupcake :) wink.


  1. Balance. It's all about balance. I'm glad you're figuring it out and not letting yourself stay grumpy. <3

  2. I'm with Barb .. Balance indeed! When you take on something new you love to be all in ... remember ... this is a marathon in life .. slow and steady just like a long run!

    In the meantime ... you are on vacation .. you have done your body good and you are dealing extra stress right now .. FLACKING HAVE A PIECE OF CAKE! LOL Being good to yourself means all of yourself ... JUST SAYIN'!

    Luvs ya and PROUD OF YOUR CLICK!