Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting pretty

My sister Krissy did my make up for me, I felt like my daughters playing with make up it was so fun :)

I'm starting this blog post from the car on the way to TO to celebrate my sister's bachlerette tonight.  Ryan and I have a hotel room, without KIDS, and a night of fun and debauchery ahead.  The plan is for the boys go out on their own and the girls on their own and then meet up at the end of the night.  My sisters and I are planning on getting ready together in my hotel room, drinking wine, doing our hair and make up, and gabbing like only sisters can.  I am so excited.  I don't get a lot of time with my sisters, and certainly child free adult time is a rare commodity (Thank-you Marmie for watching the kids).  I am also excited to get dressed up in my new outfit and put on my high heels and feel pretty.  I hope I don't come across as vain, LOL, but it has been a very very long time since I have felt pretty.  I have spent almost 10 years avoiding my reflection in the mirror.  On the rare occasions that I did get a look at 'myself' I didn't even recognize the bloated tired face staring back at me.  It always felt strange to see pictures of myself so very overweight.  I didn't 'feel' like an overweight person most of the time.  I was so much more confident and happier at a size 18-22 than I was when I was much much smaller.  I hated that my outside didn't match the way I felt inside.  I hated that my heart felt light and free and full of Kataroo style laughter but my face looked like someone that was drowning her sorrows in muffins.  Now when I see a picture of myself, I think..."Hey there she is....I have missed you".
My $12 dress find at the GAP....can't go wrong with that LOL

Hanging with my sisters getting silly

My sister Krissy and I

My sister Jamie and I
My fancy head gear :)  All the rage you know!



  1. I love this post and I love what you said about seeing yourself now because that's how I feel too! You look stunning and can't wait to hear about the debauchery!

  2. You clean up real nice!!! lol So glad you all had so much fun!!!