Friday, July 8, 2011

Food: Feeling so good

Dinner last night, Ryan grilled and smoked a chicken pizza
Its been about 3 weeks now since I have made some major changes to my daily eating habits and I wanted to report in on how that's been going.

My Happy Food Changes:

1. The biggest change I have made is making my own (and Ryan's LOL) smoothie in the morning.  I  use greek yogurt (18 grams of protein), unsweetened almond milk, and a fruit (like banana or strawberries).  Sometimes I change it up and use natural peanut butter, a bit of honey, banana, and almond milk.  Some days I have another shake for lunch when pressed for time and in need of refueling after a hard workout.  Next week, I want to try making these with some greens like spinach or kale.
2.  I am watching my portion sizes (except for Canada Day Ribs and last nights smoked pizza...its safe to say if its been smoked on the BBQ I have no control!)
3.  I am making sure I get enough protein in during the day.  I make sure each meal has protein and almost every snack too.  This weeks big protein discovery has been eggs!  I am eating a hard boiled egg as a snack.  Did you know that its a complete protein with every amino acid needed to build muscle?  I think the only other complete protein like that is breast milk.
4.  I am trying to HYDRATE, by drinking lots of water.
5.  I am getting whole grain carbs in to fuel my workout and help me recover.
6.  I am still having treats like a half slice of cake, or a small serving of dark chocolate, or 1/2 cup of ice cream.
7. I have also been listening to podcasts on nutrition and learning as much as I can about a fueling your body for health.
8. I almost forgot I am taking an OMEGA 3, Fish Oil in the morning.

So how have these changes translated in my day to day life? I feel energized!  My workouts in the morning have been excellent (I am lifting more weight, I am getting the running high, I am running faster on my tempo runs).  I am not RAVENOUS when I get home from the gym.  I am less hungry throughout the day and have snacked less.  The snacks I am eating are protein rich snacks, not sugary snacks.  I am not craving the sweets the way I used to at 3:00pm.  Most evenings have been snack free and again when my tummy is genuinely rumbling I have reached for a healthy, proper portioned snack.  I think the biggest benefit though has been in my mindset.  I am truly thinking of food as a fuel right now, and not as my best friend and confident.  This past year or so, as I have undergone this 'journey,' I have usually had 2-3 days a week where I eat as I want.  I would call them high calorie days.  They weren't binge days like in the old days.  I don't think of them as binge days because I wasn't eating mindlessly, and in a numbed state.  Most importantly, I didn't suffer the self sabotaging guilt afterwards. But I was eating passed the fullness feeling, and with a free pass feeling.  I was also eating things that were quite frankly not good for me.  I don't think one should deny or forbid themselves a food they enjoy but to eat it without abandon as I did wasn't really all that good.   The next big challenge will be this weekend and early next week as we travel away from home and are somewhat at the mercy of other's kitchens.  I plan on bringing food with me to make sure I get my smoothie in, I figure at least then I can start my day off right!


  1. Awesome! Keep tweeking until you find what works for you. Water will work wonders, as will protein. I also think that you have the right idea to bring food with you when you travel - that is definately the hardest part about sticking to a meal plan! Great work!

  2. PROTEIN is the EXACT fuel you need to get thru your days at this stage in the game sweetie .. I love that you are breaking things down, using scientific approaches ... a girl after my own heart!

    Can't wait to pick your brain some more .. :)